Aluminum Plastic Blister Line Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine CE Certificated

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Aluminum Plastic Blister Line Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine CE Certificated

Especially suitable for the packaging requirements of avoiding moisture and light, sealing in tropical area and moist area.

This machine can be used in three functions including AL/PL/AL, AL/AL, and AL/PL.

1. Adopt gear reducers from Rexnord Company of Germany, adjustable stroke, well performance, lower noise, long life and stable operation.
2. PLC Human Interface control system.
3. Automatic checking, rejection devices.
4. Linkage segment structure (one part is PVC forming, feeding and heat- sealing, the other is heating aluminum cool forming, heat-sealing and punching),,which is convenient to enter into workshop.
5. Advanced and accurate controlled system for light, electricity and gas. Make sure synchronization and register printing packaging for feeding and forming of PVC and tropical aluminum, filling, sealing, printing batch number, punching, automatic reject, collecting waste etc.

This machine can be equipped with image detecting controlling device; the automatic function will be improved further, details as follow:

1. Product detecting and rejecting functions: check out the pills of which the rate of defect is above 15%, half-filled capsules and empty capsules; it can reject waste plate automatically.
2. On line statistical function: can calculate the number of the checked and rejected products.
3. Tracing and displaying functions for the waste plate: tracing and displaying the position and situation of the waste plate on the main screen of the monitor, until rejected.
4. Manual rejecting Function: the system has the function of point reject and continuous reject.
5. System protective function: the system will alarm if troubles happen.


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Model | ALU-Plastic-ALU | ALUALU | ALU-PVC |
MachineBody | StainlessSteel304/316(medicinalcontactcanbeselectedSS3016) |
Blankingfrequency(times/min) (Standardsize57*80) | 12-30 | 15-30 | 20-45 |
Adjustablepullinglength | 30-120mm |
| |
MaxFormingareaanddepth(mm) | 160*110*15 | 160*110*13 | 160*110*15 |
Powersupply(Threephase) | 380V/220V50HZ7KW | 380V/220V50HZ4.5KW | 380V/220V50HZ5.5KW |
PackagingMaterial(mm) (I.D.75mm) | TropicalFoil 160*(0.1-0.12)*(400) PVC 160*(0.15-0.4)*(400) | AluAluFoil 160*(0.14-0.18)*(400) | PVC 160*(0.15-0.4)*(400) |
BlisterFoil:160*(0.02-0.15)*(250) |
Aircompressor | 0.6-0.8Mpa0.45m3/min(self-prepared) |
Mouldcooling | (Recyclewaterorcirculatingwaterconsumption)40-80L/h |
OverallDimension(L*W*H) (includingfoundation) | 3660*700*1500 |
DimensionofEachPart | 1200*700*1500(front) |
1460*700*1400(middle) |
1000*700*1400(back) |
Weight | About1200kg |
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