Aerosol Spray Filling Machine for Pharmaceuticals Dose Inhaler

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Semi Automatic Pharmaceuticals Dose Inhaler Aerosol Spray Filling Machines

Machine Application

HOUSE CARE: air freshener, insecticide, furniture spray, pesticide, leather spray, toilet spray, glass spray.
PERSONAL CARE: perfume, deodorant, hair spray, shaving gel/foam, mouth spray, cosmetic spray, self-defence spray, police spray.
HEALTH CARE: pharmaceutical spray, medical oxygen, dose inhaler, MDI spray, wound spray, high purity oxygen, food spray.
CAR CARE: tyre repair spray, car windows spray, upholstery spray, engine cleaner spray.
OTHER INDUSTRIES: spray painting, PU foam, LPG cartridge, refrigerant gas, butane gas, fire extinguisher, anti-rust spray, mould release spray.

Machine Introduction of CJXH-1600N

A. CJXH-1600N small dose aerosol filling machine consist of small dose liquid filling, sealing machine, small dose gas filling machine, propellants cans be N2, freon, compressed air. These three machines can be designed at 1-3 working table.

B. CJXH-1600N is specially for small dose pharmaceutical aerosol products, like dose inhaler, Nasal spray. Valve diameter is 20mm, volume of can is normally less than 50ml. Because of small volume, metering cylinders size will be customized, all material and gas contact parts are medical grade and will be made of 316 stainless steel.

C. The pneumatic components are imported from Japan and German, high stability and long using life.

D. This machine needs three operators, can reach 4000 cans/day.

Technical Parameters:

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Production capacity: | 5000-10000cans/shift(8 hours) |
Max liquid volume(ml): | 10-50ml |
Max Gas volume(ml): | 10-50ml |
Liquid filling accuracy | 1% |
Gas filling accuracy | 1% |
Working Pressure: | 0.65-1.0Mpa |
Air consumption: | 1.0(m3/min) |
Applicable aerosol can diameter | 20-85mm |
Applicable aerosol can height | 35-330mm |
Available valve | 25.4mm and 20mm metered valve |
Packing dimension(4 wooden cases) | 1100*600*1600mm 100kg 1100*600*1600mm 95kg 1100*600*1600mm 110kg 360*320*750mm 35kg |
- - - -

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1. We are a top leading company in China that is specializing in aerosol filling machines more than 20 years.
2. We have different filling machines for various kinds of aerosol products covering house care, personal care, health care, car care and other industries.

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