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DC submersible solar water pump system supplier Chinese manufacturer 1.DC Solar Pumps Introduction : Solar photovoltaic panels convert sunlight to electrical energy which is passed to the solar pump controller.The solar controller stabilizes the voltage and output power to drive the pump motor. If backup batteries (optional) are installed in the system, then the pump controller can also charge them. The stored power can be used during the evening or when the sunlight is not adequate to drive the pump. Sensors are also connected to the controller and can be used to protect the pump from running dry as well as to automatically stop the pump working when the tank is full. 2.Characteristics of solar pump: Decreasing temperature using solar energy instead of coal, oil, gasoline, electricity, water or other energy; No mechanical dysfunction and danger or other worries about freeze and blackouts; Saving plenty of energy and money; Superior performance and convenience to use; Easy installation and no extra room needed; Long lifespan and no maintenance.

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