Android , Apple Device Rfid Long Range Reader 10mA Supply Current Rfid Uhf Reade

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Android , Apple Device Rfid Long Range Reader 10mA Supply Current Rfid Uhf Reader

This kind of HF RFID Reader is perfect for smart mobile phone to handle various matters with compact size in an efficient and convenient way. It is widely used in office management, IC cards management and so on.


It can be use for IOS system:iPhone4 iPhone4S iPad2,iPhone5,iPhone5S,iPhone 6 , iPhone6+,Iphone 6S

Android system:

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Brand | Model No. |
SAMSUNG | I8150, I9508, I8190N, 9300, I569, N719, I939, N7100CC, I8262D, S5820, I9500, S7566, S7562i, S7568, S5830, S5830I, S6500D, S7562, I959, I519, I509 |
HTC | A6380, A510e, Rezound, A9191, S710E, T329t, S510b, T328W, T328D, X315E, Z710e, Z710 |
OPPO | U701T, R815W, U705T, U705W, R805, R823T, R801, R821T |
BBK | Y3t, X1S, Elt, X1St, Y11, S7, S6T, Y19T, S9, S6, X1w, S7t, X3t, X3+ |
Sony Ericsson | ST18i |
Sony | LT26i |
TETC | G19 |
eliteK | ET666 |
MI | M2, MI-ONE, MI1S, MI 1 SC, MI 2, MI 2A, MI 2S, MI 2-SC, MI-ONE Plus |
ZTE | U880s, U930, V880, N880E, U880, N880, U956, V790 |
HUAWEI | C8813D, C8813Q, C8812, C8812e, P6-U06, T8951, U8661, C8650+, G510-0010, G520-0000, U8836D, G610, G610-U00, T8830, Y210-2010 |
Coolpad | 5930, 7260+, 7295A, 7295, 7019A, 7296 |
Lenovo | P770, A560e, S890, A288t, A820, A60+, P700i, A798t, S720 |
Konka | W990, U926 |
MEIZU | Mx2, M032 |
LOVME | X10 |
VOTO | T6000, X2 |
Android | T9989 |
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Product feature:

Size: 60mm x 45mm x 13.3 mm

Unit Weight: 29g

Supports: ISO14443A

Operating Distance: Up to 50 mm (depends on the tag type)

Supply Voltage: Regulated 3. 5V DC

Supply Current: 10mA

Operating Temperature: 0-30 C

Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz


1. E-Government

2. Banking & Payment

3. Access Control

4. Network Security

5. E-Purse & Loyalty

6. Transportation

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