2G PVC Luggage Tracking Cable Tie Tag Green Radio Frequency ID Tags

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2G PVC Luggage Tracking Cable Tie Tag Green Radio Frequency ID Tags

This RFID cable tie tag is made of PP or PVC,operates over a frequency range of 860 MHz to 960 MHz and provides a wide read distance of 3 to 5 meters dependson the working environment and reader. The tag is especially suitable to supply chain solutions and achieves 99.99% accurate read rates. It provides incomparable precision for tracking of high-value assets such as electronic devices, communications/ network cards or servers.

# # Chip: Higgs-3, Monza 4
# Frequency: 860-960MHz
# User memory : 512 byte
# Protocol Standard: 18000-6C EPC Class1 Gen2
# UHF Read range: 0-10m (Related to the chip ,antenna and reader)
# Read/Write Endurance: 100,000 times
# Operating Temperature :-20C to + 55C

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PhysicalFeatures: |
Material | PP,PVC | Dimensions | 300mm*30mm |
WorkingTemp | -20C-75C | StorageTemp | -40C-85C |
RFIDFeatures: |
RFIDStandard | ISO/IEC18000-6TypeC(EPCGen2) |
ChipType | Impinj Monza |
UserMemory | 512bits/ 128 bits |
Frequency | 860-960MHz | Reading Range | 1-5m(dependsonthereader, antennaandtheworkingenvironment) |
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1, Accessmanagement

2, Tracking goods

3, Tracking of persons and animals

4, Toll collection and contactless payment

5, Machine readable travel documents

6, Airport baggage tracking logistics

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