Formaldehyde Free Paper Coating Chemicals For Pulp And Paper Making

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liquid repellent high-effect water resistant agent for paper making

Trade name:Water Resistant Agent LWR-02 (PAPU)

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The product is an efficient water-resistant agent which is free of formaldehyde. Its molecular structure contains many reactive groups, for example, active hydroxyl, acylamino, amido and some other multi-functional reactive groups, which made it could be widely used in formulation of coated paper. It could improve the wet-milling resistance, absorbency, printability, degree of finish and surface strength to a large extent. It can also be used in the food package or sanitary and medical paper.

# Good waterproof.
# Improve wet friction and wet adhesion performance.
# Improve the adaptability of ink.
# Improve the gloss and smoothness.
# Improve paint colors.
# Improve the water resistance ability (not easy to get blisters).
# Improve the opacity.

1. This product has good waterproof ability and can be used in white board paper, coated paper, etc.
2. You can use original fluid or diluent after adding water. Its dosage adaptability is strong. According to the conditions of factory, 0.1% to 0.8% is ok.
3. Add product to the coating, stir evenly before using.


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Item | Index |
Appearance | light yellow or yellow transparent liquid |
solid content % | 50.01.0 |
Dynamic viscosity | 100 mpas max. |
PH | 6-8 |
Solubility | Completely soluble in water |
Ionicity | cationic |
- - - -


The dosage is 05-0.6% of the dry paint, it can be added before or after bonding agent


250kg/drum or 1000kg/IBC


Store in dry and cool, ventilated area, prevent from freezing and direct sunshine.
Shelf life: 6 months.

Company introduce:

Wuxi Lansen Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of water treatment chemicals, pulp & paper chemicals and textile auxiliaries in China, with decades of experience in production, R&D, and application service.

LANSEN manufactures products following ISO9001 quality standard, NSF certificate is also obtained for main products used in drinking water treatment. Products are widely accepted by customers locally and abroad, currently we export to over thirty countries and regions, including EU, USA, South America, South-east Asia, Middle East, Africa etc. Through years development, we now expand product range to other industry, such as cosmetic auxiliaries, quaternary salts, and intermediates.

Applications: for pulp and papermaking, paper making include cardboard paper and cultural paper, colored paper, autographic transfer paper, newspaper, etc.

Pulp & paper chemicals:

Cationic color fixing agents
Retention & filteration aids
Sizing series
Strength resin
Coating chemicals(water resistant agents, dispersant, lubricant)
Applications: for pulp and papermaking, paper making include cardboard paper and cultural paper, colored paper, autographic transfer paper, newspaper, etc.
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