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Brand Name: LM
Model Number: LMSF1
Place of Origin: CHINA

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A stable crystalline solid that is easy to handle, non-hygroscopic, soluble in most common ethereal and chlorinated solvents. A neutral N–F-containing electrophilic fluorinating agent that readily transfers F+ to neutral and carbanionic nucleophiles ranging from very reactive organometallic species to slightly activated aromatic compounds. Reagent employed in a palladium-catalyzed enantioselective fluorination of β-keto esters,and α-cyano acetates, t-butoxycarbonyl lactones and lactams.Also used in the preparation of aryl (difluoromethylenephosphonates), 20-deoxy-20-fluorocamptothecin, N-fluoro sulfonamides, 2-amino-5-fluorothiazole hydrochloride and benzylic α,α-difluoronitriles, -tetrazoles, and -sulfonates.

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