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Dehumidifying capacity(20C,60%) Large dehumidifier with CE CCC process air flow (m3/h) from 10 year factory
Commercial dehumidifier

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Dehumidifying capacity(20C,60%) | 0.25kg/hr | 0.6kg/hr | 0.6kg/hr | 2.5kg/hr | 3kg/hr |
Process air flow (m3/h) | 60 | 190 | 220 | 420 | 580 |
Inlet size(mm) | 50 | 80 | 100 | 100 | 125 |
Reactivation air flow(m3/h) | 25 | 60 | 60 | 130 | 200 |
Outlet size(mm) | 30 | 50 | 80 | 80 | 80 |
Max power(KW) | 0.4KW | 1.4KW | 1.5KW | 2.3KW | 4.5KW |
Power rating(KW) | 0.38KW | 1.2KW | 1.2KW | 2.0KW | 3.8KW |
Current | 1.8A | 6A | 7A | 10A | 20A |
Packing Dimension(mm) | 320*280*330 | 356*484*317 | 450*295*655 | 590*420*900 | 685*505*1040 |
Weight(kg) | 15 | 18 | 30 | 45 | 65 |
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1.Proflute rotor,washable,10 years lifetime;
2.Equipped with an electric PTC regeneration heating;
3.Strong and robust construction with 1.2mm thickness;
4.SCR(silicon controlled rectifier) constant temperature controling system ensures inside temperature constant and promise the reliable and stable performance
5.Front & Back access door design for easier maintenance and troubleshooting;
6.Process air inlet and dry air outlet located at the same side for easier installation;
7.Customized filters,G4 efficiency;
8.Auto stop protection function for Rotor;
9.ABB,OMRON and Schneider electrical accessories;
10.Delay time protection circuit & fault locater system;
11.Humidistat is used,a better way to control humidity.
Dehumidifying capacity(20C,60%) Large dehumidifier with CE CCC process air flow (m3/h) from 10 year factory
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Dehumidifying capacity(20C,60%) Large dehumidifier with CE CCC process air flow (m3/h) from 10 year factory

CLR series dehumidifier is in conformity with all provisions of European security
requirements&standards, the safety works for people and equipment are done while in design
and manufacture process. In each section of the manual, there is safety information, explicitly
pointed out that the dangerous operation, "Danger Mark" was marked in the front for warning
In the manual the best dehumidifier operation ways and procedures are provided, but they
do guide only, are not liable for any personal responsibility or fulfill local safety regulations. While
installation and operation of the equipment, everyone shall bear the liability:
To protect equipment according to the manual describes and explains the security;
Do care safety of yourself and others;
Dehumidify devices operation and maintenance works must be done by related qualification
Do not install dehumidify equipment around the explosion protection devices;
Cut off power before open any cover in the housing;
When the operation ended, cooling equipment at least 15 minutes, then begin maintenance;
If not for dehumidify equipment maintenance, the maintenance panel should be closed if the
maintenance is not being doing;
Dehumidify equipment is limited to atmospheric pressure condition to dehumidifying;
Filter device must be installed before using the dehumidify equipment, or the desiccant wheel
devices will be polluted, thus losing dehumidify ability.
Removing or deleting the marks/declares/notes in dehumidify equipment is prohibited;
The manual should be kept well for using in the future;
Original spare parts should be chosen;

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