10dB Male To Female Fiber Optic Attenuator SM LC/UPC High Return Loss Type

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Optical Pad Attenuator SM LC/UPC 10dB Male-Female High return loss type


Product Description

Optical pad attenuators are built with metal-ion doped optical fiber and are designed to provide consistent attenuation levels as well as maintaining polarization characteristics. Typical application for an optical pad attenuator is to reduce the amount of optical power by a specific amount as to not saturate a receiver which can limit a system's performance. They also can be used to test the linearity and dynamic range of photo sensors and photo detectors in test and measurement applications.

1-30dB Fixed SC/ST/FC/LC/MU Optical Pad Attenuator

Key Features

Environmentally stable

Manufactured with metal-ion doped

Contaminant and scratch free ferrule upon request

Multimode attenuators available

Low back refection, insertion loss

Available attenuation from 1dB to 30 dB


100% tested in factory


Optical power equalization

Test and instrument

Optical transmission systems

Receiver padding

CATV, LAN, telecommunications

WDM and DWDM systems channel balancing


Responsible for after-sales service12 monthes

Package & Specifications

- - - -
Packaging | Description |
Clear Ziploc bag, 1 unit per bag |
Physical Characteristics | Parameter | Value |
Plastic material | UL 94V-0 ABS high-impact thermoplastic |
Fiber material | Metal-ion doped optical fiber |
Mechanical Characteristics | Parameter | Value |
Operating temperature () | -40 ~ +85 |
Storage temperature () | -40 ~ +85 |
Optical Performance | Parameter | Value |
Operating bandwidth | 1250nm~1625nm |
Center wavelength | 1310nm and 1550nm |
Attenuation tolerance | 1 to 10 dB:0.5dB 11 to 30 dB:0.5%dB |
Return loss UPC(dB) | 45 |
Return loss APC(dB) | 55 |
PDL | 0.1 |
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Ordering information

- - - -
OAT- | HF- | XX- | X |
HF: High return loss type | LC: LC
FC: FC | 1: APC
2:UPC | 01: 01DB
02: 02DB
03: 03DB
04: 04DB |
Attenuator Type | Connector Type | Interface polish | Attenuation Value |
- - - -


Type: Adapter (Female to Female), Connector (Male to Female) , In-line type, and variable type for your choice.

Attenuation Range: 1-30dB
Housing color: MM beige, SM UPC Blue, SM APC Green
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