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Grab bucket ship unloader crane for sale


Grab bucket ship unloader is a special heavy duty equipment with satisfactory productivity and is widely applied at docks to unload bulk cargo ship of different sizes. Grab bucket ship unloader structure is mainly composed of steel structure, grab bucket lift and open and closing mechanism, trolley traverse mechanism, luffing mechanism, travel mechanism, machine cabin, elevator, grab bucket, spray system, electrical system, necessary safety related components and accessory devices. PLC and CMMS fault monitor system could be adopted in this type of product. And electronic anti-sway system could be provided at customer request.

Main Feature:

With four operation mechanisms,it can work not only independently but also coordinating.

We can design and manufacture according to the user's requirements.

Ship unloader is made by using continuous conveying machinery can promote grain materials of thehandpiece, or both has the ability to take material, or with feeding, feeding device, make the grain materials continuously put forward the ship, and then unloading to cantilever crane or rack and can be shipped to theshoreside. Use the ship unloader can greatly improve the efficiency of unloading, the smallest dust pollution can keep the environment clean, efficient environmental protection.

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Design, Manufacture, Quality Assurance, Test, After Sale Service, and we could provide Turn-key installation as your demand

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