50 Ton Double Beam Bridge Crane Lifting Equipment With Wireless Radio Remote Con

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50 ton double beam bridge crane scale with remote control

Overhead crane
Overhead crane usually also called bridge crane, is crane with a hoist traveling along the bridge between two parallel runways. Overhead crane are designed to meet the industrial requirements from light to heavy lifting requirements, covering all parts of the manufacturing area and process.

our overhead cranes offer both standard cranes and advanced services system. SINOKO overhead cranes consist of a wide range of cranes including hoisting winch with lifting capacity up to 300 tons, CXTD wire rope hoists cranes up to 20 tons. We also offer CXTS hoist trolley up to 80 tons cranes as well as cranes specifically designed for hazardous environments and anti-explosion condition. With our overhead crane system you will have total control over material handling in your production process.

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Type/Model | 50 ton crane scale with wireless control |
Structure | Main Beam, End Carriage, Hoist trolley, Complete Electrical system and control system |
Quality Standard | ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001 |
Motor | Slipring motors, dust proof construction foot / flange mounted TESC / TEFC |
Brakes: | Independent Hydraulic Brake |
Gear Box : | All gears & pinions running on antifriction type ball / roller bearings in totally enclosed oil bath giving constant splash lubrication |
Limit Switch | Safety limit switches for stoppers will be provided to prevent over traveling in all motions. |
Optional Features : | # Wireless Radio Remote control # Shrouded DSL system for power feeding # Flameproof Anti-explosion # Cabin Operated # PLC automatic Control system |
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Main Features

1) Superior performance, stable, safe, reliable

2) Easy installation and maintenance

3) Reasonable ergonomics

4) Modulus design, variable frequency to adjust the speed, automatically inspection

5) overload protection, over-current protection, voltage-losing protection and the other complete protection

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