20 T Strongarm Electric Winch With Remote Control For Construction Building

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high quality factory winch 20t for saleHeavy Duty Electric Winch

Advantage and feature

1. Light aluminum shell ;
2. Electromagnetic brake ;
3. Electromagnetic contactor ;
4. 24V/36V transformer device ;
5. Hot forging with perfect strength chain;
6. Hook is constructed of anti-pull and heat-treated steel and heat-treated steel .

Product Application

This series is gears reducer driving mainly used for hoisting pull and unloading tow the weight drop. For example all kinds of large and middle concrete constructure of steel,installation and disassembly of mechanical equipment.
Our products are widely used in mining, metallurgical, cranes; construction, chemical, road and bridge, water and electricity being installed the terminal, hydropower station, engineering and installation, oil and other industries.
We offer special design services as per customers requirements, such as double drums, loop working cycle, variable speeds, wireless remote control, drum with clutch, winch with hand brake, zinc plating painting, etc. Such as below case: Loop working to drag & drop ship.

Brief introduction of building material lift winch
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General description | In the winch industry, JM model slow speed electric winch is most commonly used winch in construction site or workshop, etc. And power supply for the electric winch varies from 110v-440v/50&60HZ according to different countries situation. The electric winch also can divided into: construction winch, marine winch, mine winch, building winch, cable winch, etc. With different models, speeds and structures, electric winch is used widely, such as road construction, bridge construction,factory, mines engineering, harbor, building, etc. |
Specific details | 1.Loading capacity:0.5~200 ton or customized design;
2.Wire rope capacity:20~3600m or customzied design;
3.Working speed:5~20 m/min or customized design;
4.Power supply:220~690V,50/60HZ,three phase or customized design. |
Application | 1. Construction building;
2. Road and bridge construction ;
3. Factory,mines engineer,harbor,etc. |
| |
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Technical parameters of building material lift winch

Winch series

1. JK High Speed Electric Winch;Rated Load:5-100kn;Rated Speed: 22-30m/min

2. JK-D Series Winch; Rated Load:7.5-20kn;Rated Speed: 9.3-13m/min

3. JKL /2JKL Free Rolling Speed Winch; Rated Load:20-100kn;Rated Speed: 29-36m/min

4. JM Slow Speed Electric Winch; Rated Load:10-80kn;Rated Speed: 8-20m/min

5. JMM Series Electric Winch; Rated Load:100-320kn;Rated Speed:10-11m/min

6. JMW Slow Speed Electric Winch; Rated Load:30-100kn;Rated Speed:8-10m/min

7. JM Series of Large Tonnage, Slow Speed Electric Winch; Rated Load:100-650kn;Rated Speed: 0-10.5m/min

8. JT Speed Adjustable Winch;Permanent magnetic winch motor

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