High Level Automatic Palletizer Machine For Stacking FMCG / Food Beverage On Pal

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High Position Palletizer for Stacking FMCG Products Food Beverage on Pallets

The palletizer stacks contained materials (in cartons, wove bags, barrels, etc.) or packaged/unpackaged regular-shape items on the (wooden) pallet according to a certain arrangement automatically. After stacking several layers, the full pallet will be conveyed out for further packing or to the warehouse by a forklift. It is suitable for the stacking of bags and boxes of staggered arrangement in after-packaging process.

Features of this palletizing system:

1. Intelligent operation management;

2. Reduce the number of employees and the intensity of labor;

3. Widely used for automatic palletizing in petrochemical, food, medicine, fodder, grain, non-ferrous minerals and building materials industries.

4.Gripper doors open simultaneously. Bags are dropped on sliding doors. Boxes and crates are lowered on sliding doors by centralisation unit

5. Pallet is lifted up the enclosed stacking cage to be right underneath the sliding doors where individual layers are formed

6. Once layer is complete, squeeze collar compresses it to create a tight confined layer to the pallet's dimensions

7. Sliding doors open to place layer on the pallet

Technical Parameters:

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Model | Material | Palletizing speed | Pallet size(mm) | Palletizing height(mm) | Power Supplier | Power consumption | Machine dimensions(mm) |
HS-MD1000 | Carbon steel | 2-4 layers/min | L1000-1200* W1000-1200 | 200-1600 | 220/380V 50HZ | 6KW | L7300*W4100*H3500 |
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