Automatic Robotic Palletizer For Logsitics System / FMCG / Food Beverage

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Robotic Palletizer for Logsitics System / FMCG Beer Food Beverage Industries

Robot is the core of these multi-function systems. It can stack bags, boxes or crates onto the pallets and then place them on suitable conveyor or transport vehicle to anywhere you want. Full pallets can be further stacked by forklift or conveyed to storage safely and conveniently.

Features of our robot palletizer:

All system functions, including all palletizing programs, can be done on the panel as well as the preset of palletizing operations based on different packaging method and dimension;

the system is also equipped with ASI communications system, modern remote diagnosis and edit function.

Only need to control the touch screen to adjust the type of palletizing; Stable and high effect palletizing may reduce labor a lot;

Cartons supplying system is controlled by brake motor which can make the carton be conveyed according to the fixed order;

1). Advanced shape tuning

2). Word zones

3). Independent axis

4). Path recovery 5).Path offset

6). Soft move

7). Collision detection

8). FTP and NFS client

9). PC interface

10). Flex Pendant interface

11). Multitasking

12). Sensor interface

13) Production manager

Robot parameter:

Payload: 180 KG; Motion range: 2800mm-3150mm

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