Auto Stretch Hood Machine For Packing Palletized FMCG Products / Foods Beverage

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Auto Stretch Hooding Machine for Packing Palletized FMCG Products Foods Beverage


A. High strength steel frame adopted and the stability of the structure is high;

B. Four-chain type lifting frame, QCS system;

C. Vertical stretching adopted, which can reduce film consumption and the packing of which is more complete than simply horizontal wrapping; in the same time, its of higher dustproof level and waterproofness and the full pallet will be less likely to loosen when it topples;

D. Unmanned operation, which can save more labor cost and improve work efficiency.

Equipment Constituent:

A. Adhesive film delivering and hood-making unit
There is a pair of splayed cutters and every of the four corners of each cutter can be rotated. The lifetime of each cutter is over one year.

It can be lowered to ground level for film change and maintenance. Film change takes around 2 minutes, which can save plenty of time.

Double film opening system of vacuum and mechanical is adopted to avoid the influence of wind and static electricity.

B. Stretching unit
Hydraulic stretching system adopted, whole-process monitoring;

Wide range of applicable fields;

Ensure that the four corners of the stretched film are of the same thickness, but not becoming thinner.

It is applicable to the overall complete wrapping of full pallets in numerous industries including food, grain, fertilizer, chemicals and building material.

Our new model stretch hooding system is completely different with normal film wrapping machine. The adoption of our system will help you realize overall complete protection of full pallet products.The top stretch film unwinding feature saves up to 10% film and ensures low film consumption, which also eliminates thin and fragile film on the corners of the load, making the film on the corners approx.30% thicker than normally.

- - - -
Model | HS-FM |
Lifting Frame | Up and down |
Motor Quantity | 4 sets |
Power per Pallet | 0.15KWH |
Air per Pallet | 85N.litres |
Air Pressure | 6bar |
Total Power | 12kw |
- - - -

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