Mosaic Decorative Glass Panels, Energy Saving Decorative Glass Sheets

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SysenInlay Glass Advantage

1. Exquisite, Crystal-clear, Luxurious and elegant and makes use of the European and American mosaic glass designers' artistic concepts, combining with the Eastern and Western culture and adopting the top modern craftsmanship.

The products are bright and beautiful, full of strong value of artistic decoration.

The craftsmanship is novel and unique, which creats endless uncommon warmth for modern life.

2. Offering natural lighting, Saving energy, Dustproof, Heat resistant, Frost resistant.

The mosaic glass adopts top-class steel glass in inner and outer layers for protection and decorative glass with special artistic patterns inlaid, which makes stronger lighting effect.

3. Vacuum inside and Sound insulation. Resistant to oxidation, Easy to clean. All adopt American quality seal bars, all-size sealing treatment uses the most-advanced Germany heat pressure seal technology. Vacuum is cast by high temperature, which pretends the brass from oxidation effectively and makes sound insulation strong and cleaning easy.

4. Resistant to impact, keep new forever, strong and durable.

5. Full specifications, Various styles, Extensive use, Several thousand styles with every style is excellent.

It's the most fashionable and ideal decorative material for modern families, apartments, villas, hotels, writing rooms, etc.
The products can be used for doors, windows, screens or separating the outside doors, glass wall, celling, etc

Why we are reliable: Strict Test system and Quality Control.
1) Test Center keeping running to test raw material, electronic software, safety,
function and reliability of unicycle.
2) Most strict quality control system operated by more than 15 QA staff.
3) All kinds of testing process before, during and after production,
raw material supplier management + incoming material inspection,
on line production control + inspection and finished good inspection.

Every process is tested and controlled professionally.

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Product Name | Embroidered Glass/Inlay Glass/Stained Inlay Glass/Stained Glass
Size | Normal Size:0.8m*2m
Max Size:1.8m*2.4m |
Thickness | 3mm/4mm tempered glass + 6mm/8mm/10mm Metal + 3mm/4mm tempered glass |
Shape | Float,Curve |
Material | Laminated Glass:Tempered Glass,Stained Glass;
Inlay Metal:Copper,Zinc or other metals. |
Technique | Tempered,Stained,Insulating,Laminated |
Application | Normal used in interiorDoor, Window,Partition,Roof,Screen,Wall,etc. |
Life | Above 30 years |
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Slat Thickness | 1 inch or customize |
Application | Hotel,etc. |
Certificate | ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, etc. |
Delivery Time | About 10 days |
MOQ | 20 square meters/specification |
Production Capacity | 40000 pieces each year |
warranty period | 10 years |
Samples | Available |
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