Type 1 Seamless CNG Car Cylinder For Commercial Car Fuel Storage System ISO11439

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Name | Type 1 CNG Steel Tank for NGV | Brand Name | Banner Vessel |
Safety | Much stronger and safer than other type 2, 3, 4 CNG composite cylinders | Cost | Saving 20% than type 2 CNG cylinders
Costs 1/3 of type 3 CNG carbon fiber cylinders
Costs 1/4 ~1/3 of type 4 CNG plastic liner cylinders |
Applications | Suitable for all kinds of commercial car brands like Toyota, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, KIA, Peugeot, and so on |
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This is the most traditional CNG fuel storage equipment for vehicles, with the highest safety and lowest cost.

Our CNG-1 steel tank is made of seamless steel tube, which is lighter than that made of steel billet, but cheaper than that made of steel plate. In order to reach the perfect yield ratio after heat treatment, our steel tube supplier must completely follow our technical requirement and custom made steel tubes especially for us, which makes our product is much stronger than that of other competitors.
For all kinds of cost sensitive vehicles such as small commercial cars, buses, heavy duty trucks, type one CNG steel cylinder is always the best choice.


1. Why Banner Vessel?
A. We are located in the place where the best special steel in China is produced.
B. All steel tubes we purchase are custom-made by following our special technical requirement on content ratio of each steel element
C. Three times of heat treatment experiments on each batch of steel tube, during IQC inspection, before volume production, first article of each batch of CNG cylinder.
D. Much stricter QC standard than all national and international standards

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Tests | ISO11439 Standard | Banner QC Standard |
Fatigue Lifetime | 15000 Cycles | 25000 Cycles |
Bursting Pressure | 45 Mpa | 50-51 Mpa |
Tensile Strength | 950 Mpa | 970 10 Mpa |
Yield Strength | 850Mpa | 870 10 Mpa |
Yield Ratio | 0.9 | 0.87-0.88 |
Elongation Rate | 14% | 16-18% |
Deformation Rate | CNG-1 10% | 4% |
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2.Who praises us?
A. Toyota Pickup uses our CNG-1 steel cylinder
B. Over 2000 Pronton cars in Malaysia are installed with our CNG cylinder
C. We are qualified supplier of Toyota(Corolla) cars in Thailand
D. IKCO from Iran approvedus as qualified supplier

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