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Users always concern that type 1 CNG steel cylinder saves cost but is too heavy, and type 3 CNG cylinder(aluminum liner fully wrapped with carbon fiber) is pretty lighter but too expensive. This type 2 CNG cylinder solved users concern because it is 20% lighter than type 1 CNG steel cylinder, but 50% cheaper than type 3 CNG cylinder.

With glass fiber hoop-wrapped on the steel liner, this type of CNG tank can be as strong as the traditional steel cylinders.


Our type 2 CNG cylinders are produced strictly according to ECE R110, and are quite popular with European countries and any other country that follow ECE R110 standards. It is 20% lighter than type 1 steel cylinder, so it becomes quite popular with a lot of car brands like Toyota (Corolla),Pronton, Volkswagen (Santana), Saipa, Peugeot, Chevrolet, and son on.

Choose us, and we can be of big help onweight reduction and cost down of your CNG cars.

Why us:

We have the widest range of models among all competitors, especially for large size over 180L

Our cylinder are the lightest among all type 2 CNG tanks of all competitors

We are the only one supplier in China that use imported material from USA

Westport (Europe) purchased type 2 CNG cylinder from us.


Nominal Diameter: 325mm ~ 406mm
Nominal Water Capacity: 50L ~ 100L
Nominal Working Pressure: 200 bar
Length without valve: 790mm ~ 990mm
Net Weight: 39kgs ~ 76kgs
Life Time: 15 years
Liner: 30CrMo
Composite Wrap: Glass Fiber & Epoxy
Thread: W28.8 / 1 1/8-12UNF / 3/4NGT, or custom
Safety Approvals: ECE R110

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