15 Meters Industrial Truck Spray Paint Booth Energy Saving 15X5X5 M Internal Siz

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15 Meters Industrial Truck Spray Paint Booth Energy Saving 15X5X5 M Internal Size


1. 0.476mm color steel with EPS inside for wall panel.

2. Quality brand name turbo fan,with air capacity of 30000m /h

3. Pneumatic damper for spraying to baking cycle.

4. All panels are tongue and groove interlock structure

5. Control panel and other electric components can be purchased separately.

6, Drive through door.


In painting, outside fresh air comes into the heating generators through the pre-filter system, and enters into the plenum, then filtered by ceiling filter and into the both which brings clean,

symmetrical and steady-going down airflow for spraying, After painting, tot air goes from heating

generators to plenum, then enters room after filtered by ceiling filter, providing heat that is necessary for baking of bussurface. Afterwards, the air with little benzene will be released to the atmosphere after being filtered twice by the exhaust air filter


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Item | Detailed Specification |
Inside dimension | 1500050005000 mm (LWH) |
Outside dimension | 1514079405600 mm (LWH) |
Front door (3units) | Folding door, 4 folds, 40004500 mm (WH), galvanized steel frame, with polystyrene(EPS)
inside. (One unit in the front, blue color, one unit in 9m to separate the booth into two parts: 9m
booth and 6m booth, white color, another one on the back side, white color.), with marks on front and back side. |
Emergency door | 2 units, 8002000mm (WH), colour: white. |
Basement | Without basement, exhaust from two side walls. |
Wall panel | Thickness: 70mm, width: 1150mm, tongue and groove structure, 0.426mm colour steel with EPS
insulation inside, colour: white. |
Light | Ceiling Lights: 18Units4Pcs=72Pcs36W, side light: 12Units2Pcs=24Pcs36W, without light tube, you put the LED light at site, lighting box are powered coated. |
Generator cabinet | Intake from side upper, exhaust from rear upper, quadrate steel frame; white coated steel outside
covered, galvanized steel inside, filled with heat preservation material in the middle. |
Intake and Exhaust system (2 sets) | Inlet: 2 units, in total 211KW turbo fans, air capacity for each fan: 30000m /h. |
Outlet: 4 units, in total 45.5KW turbo fans, air capacity for each fan: 18000m /h. |
Heating system (2 sets) | 2 units RIELLO G20 diesel burners, stainless steel heat exchanger, pneumatic damper actuates
from spraying to baking cycle. Max. heating productivity: 200000kcal/h, maximum temperature:
80 . |
Purification system | Pre-filter(pocket), ceiling filter, fibreglass filter, activated carbon filter (pocket). |
Roof | Galvanized steel |
Control system | Spraying, heat spraying, baking, time setting, lighting switch, failure indicator, thermostat, power
supply switch, emergency stop, temperature limit controller, hours meter. All motors are reduced-
voltage start, Romania language on the control panel. |
Total power | 48KW(powder supply:1220V, 3380V,50HZ) |
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