Whole House Activated Carbon Air Filter 20x24 Stainless Steel Frame

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Replace Air Purifiers Carbon Filters Remove Odor Strange Smell

Air Purifiers filters should be replaced in time, not only the HEPA filters, pre filters, but also the carbon filters. In order to keep the function of odor, smell remove, the carbon filters have to keep high motivation. Most of the carbon particle stands 6-12 month before they lose absorb function.

Carbon filters can remove odor, smell, poisonous gases such as HCHO, formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia and so on.

This carbon particle filters can also be used in some specified occasion such as dumpster, bathrooms, markets and so on.

# # Size: customized
# Construction: plastic honeycomb based carbon particles inside;
# Cardboard frame or aluminum alloy, stainless steel frame.
# Carbon function: customized;

How to stock the carbon filters ?

We pack the carbon filters with plastic bag and the bag is perfectly sealed. Because the carbon filters with absorb function, but the absorb function will decrease as the carbon absorb more smell poisonous gases. We have to make sure the carbon filter function before using it. So this carbon filters are sealed with plastic bag.

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