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Replace Air Purifier Customized HEPA Filter Remove Pollen Dust Hair

The customized HEPA filters are typically design for air purifiers, air purifier HEPA filters should be replaced frequently, but the original replacement HEPA filters are quite expansive. We offer customized HEPA filters for most of the air purifiers, the customized size, efficiency, function can meet all the requirements to fit air purifiers.

The HEPA filters can remove pollen, dust, pet dander, hair, smell and so on, to create a clean air environment reduce the allergy of asthma.

The air purifier filters should be replaced in time because the filters may also be a pollution resource. The polyester filter media collect bacteria, pollen, dust, and other TVOC, those pollution get more and more in the media. Finally the filter become dark and pressure drop is triple time as the initial standard.

When the pressure drop is triple time as the initial standard, it is the time to replace filters.


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Size | Customized |
Filter efficiency | 99.99% @ .12um H13 |
Filter media | polyester |
separator | hot melt |
gasket | Non, or neoprene, sponge |
Frame | Cardboard |
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