Residential Air Purifier Filter Room Air Filtration System Honeycomb Based

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Air Purifier Replacement Carbon Particle Filters Honeycomb Based

Honeycomb based carbon particle filters are mainly designed for air purifiers, the air purifiers can remove most of the poisonous gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene and so on, also can be used to remove most of the strange smell, odor, favor to create a clean air environment.

Carbon filters should be replaced in time, carbon filters will lose the activities for long term usage. it means replace the carbon filters are quite necessary.

# # Size: customized
# Construction: plastic honeycomb based carbon particles inside;
# Cardboard frame or aluminum alloy, stainless steel frame.
# Carbon function: customized;

Can offer multiply layer combined filters.

1. First layer: pre filter

2. Second layer: HEPA filters

3. Third layer: carbon filters;

4. 4th layer: photocatalyst filter, ( UV light is necessary for air purifier )

By adding the pre filter can enlarge HEPA filters service life because pre filter can remove large dust, reducing the duty of HEPA.

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