Odor Remove Replacement Air Purifier Filter HVAC System Multiply Layer Funciton

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Odor Remove Particle CarbonFilters Multiply Layer Funciton

Particle and odor remove
3 layers of filtration

Panel filter layer combined with particle carbon layer
Multifunction design, could remove particles efficiently,
also could remove odors, smokes, dangerous gases with good performance.

First stage: polyester panel pre filter, for effective particulate collection.
Second stage: Activated carbon particle remove odors, dangerous gases.
Final stage: polyurethane foam, keep carbon particles from dislodged.

External frame: beverage card paper, aluminum alloy, gal steel.
Efficiency: G3 for particle.
Iodine value: 1050
Usage environment: highest temp 80, humidity 80%
Gasket: EVA, EVO, sponge or without
Applications: air filter for school, market, office, house,
airport HVAC system and so on. Remove odor, particle with good efficiency

For different application we can using different carbon, because the carbon particles are handled by chemical method, they have special function. For example, some carbon particles can remove formaldehyde with very good efficiency, this carbon is very good for new decorated housing. And other carbon can remove strange smell, this is good for industries odor remove.

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