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For Air Purifier UnitHigh Efficiency Gas Phase Filters Carbon Particles

Particle and odor remove
Low pressure drop, high air flow rate

This is multifunction air filter, not only could remove
particles with good efficiency from F7 to H13,
also could remove smoke, odor, dangerous gases with
good performance.

External frame: ABS plastic frame.
Filter media: non-woven polyester fiber
with melt blown layer, coconut carbon granule inside.
Efficiency: F7 to H13 for particle.
Iodine value: 1050
Usage environment: highest temp 80, humidity 80%
Gasket: EVA or without
Separator: hot-melt gel
Sealant: polyurethane
Applications: air filter for school, market, office, house,
airport HVAC system and so on, that can remove odor, particle with good efficiency.

The plastic honeycomb is very strong, can hold the carbon particles perfectly. Double side black nylon mesh be bonded to prevent carbon particle leaking from the honeycomb.

Also we can offer paper honeycomb for economic choice.

Normally, we install carbon take 70-80 % of the honeycomb space. We don`t recommend 100% space be installed with carbon, because this will increase the pressure drop. Airflow very difficult to pass through the carbon layer.

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