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Coal Carbon Particle Filters for Air Purifiers Remove HCHO Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a poisonous gas in everyday life, they came from most of the furniture, wall decoration. Especially a new house that is just decorated, the formaldehyde will release slowly last for several years. In order to reduce the harm of formaldehyde to our body, we have to remove the formaldehyde in time and control its density below to limited standard.

Coal carbon particle is an ideal item to absorb the formaldehyde and other poisonous gases. The coal carbon particle filters is plastic honeycomb based, all of the coal carbon particles be installed into the honeycomb.

When air purifier running, the airflow pass through carbon filter, it will absorb the poisonous gases with good efficiency.

The carbon filters can combine with HEPA layer.

the combined filters is multiply function of odor and particle remove.

For examples, the first layer is carbon filter, second layer is HEPA filter.

Now, most of the air purifier with at least three filter stage, first stage is pre filter for large size dust, second layer is carbon for removing odor, third layer is HEPA filter for removing PM2.5

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