Air Cooled Textile Testing Equipment Fabric Inspection Machine KJ-C035

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Air Cooled Light Fastness Textile Testing Equipment , Textile Lab Testing Fabric Inspection Machine

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Used for testing the performance of discoloring, fading, aging, transmissibility, graffing, peeling,hardening, softening, etc. of the products and materials in the industries of rubber, plastic, paint, petrochemicals, auto, fabric, etc for solar radiation similation test( illumination, raining, temperature,humidity, etc. )


GB/T8427(national standards technical committees)
GB/T12831 GB/T9344 GB/T2423.24 GB/T8430 GB/T14576 GB/T1189 GB/T1865 GB/T16422.1
GB/T16991 GB/T15102 GB/T15104 ISO4892 ISO03917 ISO11341 ISO105
AATCC TM16 AATCC169 ASTM G26 ASEJ1885KJ ASEJ1960KJ GJB 150.7 etc.

Instrument Features: advanced computer controller and multi-channel temperature and humidity control system.
2. easily create complex test procedures to facilitate the choice and control light, temperature, humidity and spray conditions.
3. menu-driven display guides the user through the button to select the test parameters.
4. button to select the database standard or user-defined test procedures.
5. using a short arc, high light intensity, water-cooled xenon arc lamp and professional double-filter system simulate the real source of sunshine.
6. European imports of fixed-band spectrum traceable calibration systems, digital set light intensity, real-time monitoring, automatically adjusted to meet different standards for light stability testing requirements.
7. superconducting fiber imported, exported by the whole band monitoring light source, light detector at warehouse outside monitoring, no drift, no decay, high precision, life permanently.
8. hybrid water cooling system, greatly reducing water consumption and power consumption.
9. large experimental warehouse design, to maximize the exposure area.
10. the board thermometer (BPT), the standard blackboard Thermometer (BST) and sample the same station (isometric) testing, a true reflection of the sample under test conditions, the measured CPU processing digital data, charts, graphs, etc. displayed on the color screen, do not stop observing.
11. ultrasonic atomizer and PTC double humidification mode, professional dehumidification system to ensure accurate and stable humidity test.
12. equipped with self-circulation system and air filtration system, significantly reducing the environmental requirements.
13. 10.4-inch touch screen display control, monitoring a variety of test modes (animation, digital, graphics), easy manipulation, clear and intuitive.
14. sample holder to achieve all the time, respectively, can be machine experiments with different samples, to facilitate monitoring of the test.
15. front and back of the spray model.
16. the instrument is equipped with parallel communication interface, can provide Chinese A4 printing (optional).
17. a test run of 1000 hours of continuous quality assurance.


- - - -
Model | KJ-C035 |
Test compartment temperature control | 3070Resolution: 0.1 |
Storage humidity control test | Ming period :10-75% RH, humidity fluctuations 3% RH; dark cycle :10-95% RH, humidity fluctuate 5% RH; |
Time control experiments | 0min~999:59h,Accuracy 1min |
Irradiance control | 1.00-1.30W/m2/420nm Accuracy: 0.02 W/m2/420nm; digital set, automatic compensation. |
Control and monitoring wavelength | Optional 340nm, 420nm ,300-400nm ,300-800nm band |
Xenon arc lamp rated power | 4.5KW |
Sample holder rotation speed | 1rpm can be set |
Diameter distribution of sample clip | 500mm |
Maximum exposure area | 3500cm2 |
Sample holder can be mounted with the number of dimensions | 145 75mm model 25; 145 45mm model 35 |
Timing of each sample holder, respectively, | 10000h |
Photoperiod | 10000h |
Spray cycle | 10000h |
Blackboard temperature range | (BPT) 30-902;(BST) 35-952 |
Display control | 10.4-inch touch screen |
Data Output | Digital color display (A4 print in English optional) |
Sample holder type | Single |
External circulating water requirements | Water pressure :140-1345kPa Flow: 1.0L/min |
Requirements within the recycled water | High water flow: 0.5L/min |
Power supply | AC380V5% 50Hz 10KW |
Dimensions | 12508301800mm |
Weight | 350kg |
- - - -


Why choose us?

1. Considerate Service Different countries plugs, manually change the-voltage from 110V to 220V, insurance indicator.

2. Excellent after sale service:

1 YEAR warranty. If you have any problems during testing process, we promise we will give you a reply with 24 hours and solution provide within 3 working days. What you need to do is to send us the controller.

3. Good Packaging:

Covered with air bubble film before put the machine into the wooden case, which not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing and also has the advantages of nontoxic, odorless, moisture
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