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Tearful aluminum foil bags high temperature low tempareture resistance

Aluminum foil bags are produced with tear usually, using tear makes the bags easy to open.

Customize color, pattren and specifications.


1. Using tear

2. High temperature (121 ), low temperature resistance(-50 )

3. Airtight, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture

4. Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food, pharmaceutical packaging health standards

Application: Instand food packing, Mask packing, Tea packing and so on.


We produce many kind of Aluminum foil bags, different thick, different pattren print, different specifications, we have welthy expierence of producing this bag.

And weinsist onusinghigh qulity material, providing you high quality bags.

Material Table

- - - -
Material | PET | PE | PA | AL | CPP | NY | OPP |
Feature | Good appearance in color printing Good moisture resistance Not easy to pierce | Common inner packaging | Commonly known as Nylon Easy to shape | High isolation and low illuminant transmitted intensity | Retort packaging Composite base film | Low oxygen transmission rate Good toughness | Good transparency Colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic |
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Other Detials

- - - -
Specification | Custom |
Color/Material | Custom |
Thickness | 0.01mm-0.3mm |
Minimum Quantity | Accoding to the specification |
Proofing Fee | According to technology If the order quantity is large,then its free |
Proofing Time | 5-8 days |
Product Usage | Any product that can use flexible packaging |
Delivery Period | 15-30 days after proofing (without delivering time) |
Standard Packaging | Carton outside, film inside |
Printing Technology | Gravure printing |
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