Digital Medical OxyEn Regulator With Flow Meter Health Care Product YR-86-24

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Medical Oxygen Regulator Buoy Type Oxygen Inhalator YR-86-24

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Name | Medical Oxygen Regulator , Gas Cylinder High pressure gas cylinder |
Type | YR-86-24 |
Gas | O2 |
Input pressure | 15MPa |
Output pressure | 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa |
Flow control range | 1-10L/Min , 1-15L/Min |
valve pressure range | 0.35 0.05Mpa |
Output connection screw thread | 8mm |
Valve material | Brass |
Pressure gauge | 50mm |
Bottle material | PVB |
Humidifier capacity | 200ml |
delivery time | 15-25 days |
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Medical regulator is used for oxygen breathing in hospital

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Type | Medium | Mettering range
(L/min) | Accuracy | Entrance
(MPa) | Exit
pressure(MPa) | Entrance connection screw threda | Output connection screw threda |
YR-86(A) | O2 | 1-10or 1-15 | grade4 | 12MPa
| 0.2-0.3MPa | G5/8-14-RH
G3/4-14-RH | 8mm |
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Product Description:

1.We also provide different types of oxygen inhaltors, meanwhile, we can produce according
to customers' request.
2.The flowmeter with humidifier is used in reducing gas pressure and adjusting the gas volume,
which rescue patient and treat as oxygen therapy by hospital.
3. Also may make using of other gas reduced pressure and the control flow.
4.Medical Regulator Oxygen, Medical Regulator / oxygen regulator manufacturer
Product main feature:
5.The product has artistic outlook, and flow control comfortable and stable.
6.The reductor is adjustable; The structure is unique, and the performance is reliable.
7.he stainless steel floater and the orange substrate flowmeter have a especially visual effect;
8.The international standard connect way, is suitable for all kinds of gas bottle installation.

Chrome plated brass body regulator
Back pressure compensated flowmeters
3000 psi maximum inlet pressure
For use with oxygen cylinder

Mainly function :
Oxygen flow range:1-10L/Min 1-15L/Min
Pressure reducing range:2.0-3.0kg
Relief valve pressure range :(3.5kg+0.5kg
Appliance introduction :
1.Before using ,please fill pour clear water into moisture bottle about one third reaching water
ine site.
2.DF-2 blind nut straw into bolt head ,make the pipe of flow meter square water line.
3.Put off regulator (9),put on oxygen tube switch ,so you will the data from needle position of pressure gauge (2).At last ,straw flow on/off at anti-clock wise accroding to patients need,
adjust switch.
4.If patient need oxygen for a long time ,can use nose pipe to help patient absorb oxygen.
5.Moisture bottle(20) circles at clockwise,adjust (17)oxygen hole to other site.
Attention point :
1.Before using the suction ,you will check all parts bad or good and clean it by drying choth .
2.Pressure gauge (2),regulator(3) no oil ,otherwise explode.
3.Clearwater in moistyre bottle keeps clean.
4.There is adjustable nut(6) in the front of plunder shall be straw at clockwise .
5.Relief value(7)(15) keeps out of danger.
6.Oxygen dosage is decided by doctor.
7.After using suction,put off the oxygen tube switch,make rest oxygen out,pressure gage to
zero site,last put off flow switch if using again,first put on the oxygen tube switch,avoid
8.The product must be examined periodical,at least once every 6 month.

Packaging & Shipping:
About packing: Annual package
About our shipping:
1.The parts normally will be shipped out within 30 working days after the payment
2.The parts can also be shipped by DHL/TNT/UPS/EMS/FedEx, you are welcome to
choose the way you like.
3.We are not responsible for any accidents, delays or other issues caused by the forwarder.
4.Any import fees or charges are afforded by buyers.


1.Low MOQ: It can meet your promotional business very well.
2.OEM Accepted: We can produce any your design.
3.Good Service: We treat clients as friend.
4.Good Quality: We have strict quality control system .Good reputation in the market.
5.Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have big discount from forwarder (Long-term Contract).

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