Insulation Safety Coaxial F Connector Crimping Tool Telecommunication Equipment

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Insulation Safety Coaxial F Connector Crimping Tool Telecommunication Equipment

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1. Made of ABS,flame retardant

2. Steel frame,harden and black oxide finished,light weight and durable.

3. for Crimping RG59,RG6 F type compression connectors.

4. Can be withF connectors holder for better crimping

5. With handle lock.

6. High cost performance.


Professional Coaxial F connector crimping tool

Available forCrimping RG59,RG6 F type compression connectorsfor F connector.With a handle lock,specially for RG-59(4C),RG-6(5C),compressed distance you can select:

A1: 20.300.15mm A2: 19.300.15mm A3: 19.700.15mm A4: 20.700.15mm A5: 21.000.15mm

With pressure sensor and extracting hook to free wires for soldering, screwing and skinning in preparation for connection and at the same time cutting off any excess length.
An IDC terminating tool for use on 10 pair Disconnection Strips 237A. It incorporates an extraction hook which assits in the removal of terminated wires.64172055-01 KRONE LSA-PLUS RJ outlets.

The networking tools we can offer including sort of insertion tools, impact and punch down tool (Ericsson punch down tool, Siemens punch down tool, Corning punch down tool and so on), crimping tool(RJ45 crimping tools, coaxial cable crimping tool, picabond ratchet crimper), cable stripper and cutter, cable tester and connector removal tool, and so on.

In short, we offer the networking tools for cutting and stripping coaxial cable, twist cable, and optical fiber. And professional compression crimping tool for different connectors, insertion tools for different modules .To save cost for customers, we have desired some tools with multi-function. So you can keep one tool instead of several different types. Meanwhile, for some coaxial cable crimping tool you can change the head to fit the cable specification yourself. It will make you lose weight on tool set but to finish your work perfectly.


For wire installation into network and telecommunication equipment.Indicated type for different module block MDF from kinds of communication companies,like Krone,Tyco, 3M,Corning, Ericsson, ZTE, HUAWEI, AMP and so on.Various products make the job more convenient and special.

Specifications :

- - - -
YH-8043 | for Crimping RG59,RG6 F type compression connectors. |
YH-8042 | for Crimping RG59,RG6 and RG11 F type compression connectors. |
YH-8041 | Available for Crimping RG6 cable,RG59 cable,RG62 cable,RG58 cable,RG 11cable,RG213 |
YH-8032 | for Crimping Modular Plug as 10P10C,AMP RJ45,RJ12,RJ11,4P4C and 4P2C plugs and DEC/OFF SET plug 6P6C. .With Ratchet. |
YH-6417 2 055-01 | Krone type insertion tool with sensor for Krone and 110 terminal block. |
YH-8017 | 110/Network/Krone punch tool |
YH-8030 | Tyco Punching tool for 10pairs modules |
YH-8060 | Punch Down Tool for Patch Panel Terminal Block |
YH-8071 | Bix type insertion tool,Inserter wire 9A |
YH-8072 | Porta insertion tool Inserter wire 8A,used on jack tests. |
YH-8076 | SID module punching tools .SID-standard insertion tool for connection of wires; insertion Colour: red |
YH-8027 | Huawei type punch down tools DXD1. |
YH-8031 | Ericsson type punch down tools,color white. |
YH-8074 | Ericsson type punch down tools,color green. |
YH-8073R | Corning type punch down tools,use on corning type 5000 block,C39407-A139-A12. |
YH-8073B | Siemens type punch down tools,use on siemens type 71 block,C39407-A139-A09. |
YH-8029 | Punch down tool on 10pair krone module and pouyet module. |
YH-8021 | Simple crimping tool for 3M connectors UY,UR,UG |
YH-8028 | Crimping tool for 3M connectors UY,UB,UR, UG,UIB,UIY,UAL, UBCO,UYCO,UIR, UDW,UDM,Super mini,cross. |
YH-8026 | RJ45 8P8C terminal crimping tool |
YH-8075 | multi-function modular jack termination tool |
YH-8077 | Insertion tool for Quante ID3000 MDF |
YH-8078 | Sunsea XD-B1 insertion tool |
YH-8079 | ZTE MDF compact punch down tool,FA6-09A1 FA6-09A2 |
YH-8080 | ZTE MDF compact punch down tool FA6-09B1 |
- - - -

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