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Cnc Clothes Cutting Machine With Intelligently Controls Cutting Blade


This machineoffers High-precision multifunctional cutting system specially developed for mass production, widely used for soft material cutting field in clothing, spinning, leather, automobile, aviation, aerospace, home furnishing and other industries, and help customers increase achievements, efficiency and capacity.

1.)Richpeace Patented Computer Control System-Can program cutting parameters setting file in advance .Built-in with computer system .No need to connect outside computer system .Online cutting control functions .Color graphic display, real-time display cutting actions and sequence.

2.)Cutting blade is made of diamond hardness stainless steel, equipment with automatic sharpening device.

3.) Intelligent cutting blade :change cutting speed automatically automatic side cut compensation ,ensure quality of final makers.


- - - -
Model | KP-Y2025 |
Cutting area | 2000x2500mm |
Cutting thickness | Max. 75mm(vacuum suction)after vacuum suction, usually about 120 layers if cut knitted jersey fabric, about 50 layers if cut polar fleece, about 200 layers if cut chiffon |
Max cutting speed | 60m/min |
Cutting accuracy | 1mm |
Power | 16-25kw |
Cutting style | Straight Knife Continuous Up-down Cutting |
Software | Automatic cutting system copyright |
Sharpen way | double gear derogatory method |
Air pressure supply | 7 KPS |
Cutting materials | garment/cloth/textile/leather |
Max speed of blade working | 4000rpm/min |
Motor and driver of cnc system | YASKAWA Japan |
Motor and driver of | SMC Japan |
Machine power | AC380V/50HZ |
Software | Auto cutting |
Weight | 3200kg |
Size(w*d*h) | 6180*3100*1500mm |
- - - -


1.) The unique algorithm and motion control technology , realized seamless between straight line and arc.

2.)The cutting body adopts the international leading plate splicing square box type high speed machine bed structure, annealing to stress treatment, the cutting body is not deformed. The basic precision of the machine body of the machine tool bed is up to the standard of aerospace grade in a large five axis Longmen milling machine. Provide guarantee for the high speed and stable operation of the machine tool.

3.)Computer design , automatic typesetting, saving original materials.

1. How to pay to you ?

T/T in advance or by Others . We can accept 30% deposit , and balance paid to us before delivery machine to you .

2. I want a size that you dont make as standard, is this possible?

Absolutely, we can design and manufacture any size our clients require.


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