Durable Heat Shrink Sleeve Labels For Shampoo Package OPS 40 Micron

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Computerized PET Shrink Labels Tamper Evidence Sleeve Film Can Wrap Shrink sleeves enable greater marketing by allowing 360 of print. All the way through to the application of your sleeve to your container. Company Frofile We provide top quality shrink sleeves for glass, metal, plastic and any other material containers of different profiles. The result is an outstanding product which stands out from the crowd. Take advantage of all that shrink labels have to offer, including: 1. 10-color printing with color matching system 2. Specialty inks including metallic, pearlescent, thermochromatics, and matte finishes Product Description Full Coverage for full impact.Shrink labels have become a major force in many different packaging categories. Smart Label has been the partner of the Nation's most innovative marketers. Specifications: - - - - Description | Specification | Note | Max Productivity | 2 million pcs each day | (Depends on label size to increase or decrease) | Logo | Customized | | Thickness | 45 m | | Shrinkage Rate | Lengthways: 1% to 5% Crosswise: 45% to 75% | Base on the PET material (Environment Material) | Shrinkage Rate | Lengthways: 1% to 5% Crosswise: 73% to 75% | Base on the OPS | - - - - The Characteristic Great adaptability, glossiness and transparence leadding to glittering printed brand. Fitting for high-speed and different width gravure, flexo, digital and rotary offset printing. Our Service We supply shrink sleeve labels in all possible base materials including PVC, PET, POF and OPS. Production Machine Printing Machine,Sliting Machine,Seaming Machine,Rewinding and inspecting machine,Cutting machine

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