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Telecommunication Steel Round Monopole/pole China supplier Round or Polygonal, slip joint or flange connection; Design Standards: TIA/EIA-222-G; Height: up to 40m; Antenna load(EPA): up to 15m2 Wind speed (3-sec gust): up to 160km/h Materials: Q235B(equal with S235JR and ASTM A36 ) for plate and other members Q345B (equal with S355JR and ASTM A572 Gr50 ) for shaft and flange Fasteners: ISO 898 8.8 Grade Surface Treatment: Hot dip galvanization as per ISO 1461 or ASTM A123 Advantages: Tailor-made design Modular design Shipped by 20’ GP container Accessories: --Paint kit(ICAO standards); --Obstruction lighting System(ICAO standards); --Fall arrest system (EN standards); --Earthing & Lightning system

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