Johnson Well Screen Wire Mesh Welding Machine 9500MM Length For Food / Beverage

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Johnson Well Screen Wire Mesh Welding Machine 9500MM Length For Food / Beverage 1. Desciption

Where to buy best Profile Wire Screen ?

Profile Wire screens, also known as Wedge wire, V-wire, and Triwire, are custom made for your application. The features of this type of screen make it an attractive solution for separating solids from liquids, retaining media, filtering, sizing, dewatering, collecting, and distributing. Profile Wire screen offers continuous slot openings that widen inwardly so that particles tend to pass through the screen and reduce blinding.

How to weld the profile wire screen by our machine?

ActuallyProfile Wire Screen Welding Machine Welding Machine is named by its products.

Our Profile Wire Screen Welding Machine is an special equipment for making wedge wire screen, wire wrapped screen, johnson screen, and water well screen etc.

Fundamentals Of Welding

Renchun Profile Wire Mesh Machine Welding Machine For Filtration And Sepration adopts Japanese Mitsubishi E60 CNC control system.

Controlled by the Numeral control system, the servo motor drives the ball screw as well as the drawing disk which is mounted on the straight rail, so the slot clearance can be adjusted by touching the control screen without stopping the machine.

It is easy to change the data on the touching screen. Lock-expanding ring is equipped with the machine. After the operator feeds the longitudinal wire, expand and lock the wire with the ring.

It saves time and material during unload the filter tube. It is easy to learn how to control the machine. It adopts Japanese Mitsubishi E60 CNC control system.

2. Applications
Profile Wire Screen Welding Machine, also named johnson screen welding machine, is usually used in producing Oil sand control screen, water well screen, the water, nozzles, and so on. With screen media higher precision, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical, and paper industries.

3. Parameter

- - - -
NO. | ITEM | Data |
1 | Diameter of screen tube | Max.300mm, Min.50mm. |
2 | Max. Length of filter tube | 6000mm |
3 | Rod and wire diameter | 1.2mm to 3mm(profile wire) Please note that:you can also use the biger wire size ,while you should be sure the biger size wire is used to weld the biger diameter screen tube. |
4 | Material | Carbon steel, stainless steel |
5 | servo motor | Two sets:5.5KW,One set:3.5KW |
6 | Power of welding transformer | 200KVA |
7 | Welding speed is adjustable according to the tube diameter | Max.30rpm,6rpm |
8 | Slot(adjustable) | Min0.2mm,Max.16mm |
9 | precision of slot | 0.03mm |
- - - -

4. Profile Wire Screen Welding MachineFeatures and Advantages

A. low noise

B. less power consumption

C. safety

D.easy to operate

E. high welding precision

Advantages: Domestic famous bearings, Internal famous servo motor, less power consumption, easily operation

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Foreign market: the United States, Brazil, Italy, Belgium, South Korea, Singapore, Tunisia, Turkey, Russia, India, etc.

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