High Power Miners Cap Lamp With Rear Warning Light 15000 Lux Brightness

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GS12-A 15000lux high powerled cordless cap lamp

1. Specifications for this led cordless cap lamp

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Specification | GS12-A |
Light source | One main light and two auxiliary lights |
Rated voltage | 3.7V |
Battery capacity | 6.8Ah |
Main light current(strong light) | 450mA |
Main light current(working light) | 350mA |
Power of the main light(strong light) | 1.57W |
Power of the main light(working light) | 1.3W |
Illuminous(strong light) | 260Lum |
Illuminous(working light) | 170Lum |
Brightness of the main light(strong light) | 15,000Lux |
Brightness of the main light(strong light) | 8,000Lux |
Life span of main LED | 10,000h |
Battery cycles | 1000cycles |
Charging time | 6h |
Cable length | customize |
Weight | 490g |
Water-proof grade | IP68 |
Certified | CE&ATEX |
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3. Applications for our GS12-A led cordlesscap lamp.

This anti-explosive semi-corded led mining cap lamp can be used in the mine, underground

sites, oil filed, chemical industrial, firing and other hazardous sites.

4. Features for our cordless cap lamp
# 15000lux strong brightness
# IP68 high grade water-proof
# Anti-explosive, flame retardant, corrosion proof
# 6.8Ah big capacity battery for more than 14hours long working time
# Rear warning light is rear safety indication
# Safety strape for dropping down searching

5. Shipping way

by sea, by air or express

6. Payment method:

T/T, L/C, WU, MG

7. Products pictures.

8. Company Profile

GREEN LIGHTING ELECTRONICS CO.,LTDis an expertised manufacturer of explosion-proof mining

lamps which is located in ShenZhen area in china.Our factory has skilled experience in underground

working lamps development and production. We focus on the development and innovation, and we

pay more attention to great quality. We also have established our own marketing department for

foreign sales.

Our products covers:
miner safety cap lamps, explosion proof flashlights, led high power flahslights, led search light,

led strip light.

9. Why choose us ?

About us

Our mission:To lead a new era.

Our vision:To create a world famous brand, to disseminate the Chinese culture.

Our slogan:To grow together! To achieve success together


1) Super brightness: our brigtness is up to 25000lux, 2-5 times brightness of common cap lamps

2) Super long life span: main light life span is 30000hours, auxilary light life span is 20000hours

3) Super long working time: more than 13 working hours, we can adjust working time by adjust working current

Top quality material

1) CREE led: advanced cree led

2) Germany Bayer PC material make the lamps durable, feels good

3) Panasonic or ATL battery: imported from Japan, it is applied in Apple notebook

Advanced equipment

1) SMT: Surface Mounted Technology, Wave Soldering

2) Smart Oscilloscopes: imported from USA, USD50,000, it is usually used in Academy

3) Battery Cycle Tester: 10 times of cycly test for 80 hours

4) CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and Injection machine: imported from Taiwan

Warranty and after-sales service

1) Warranty: 2 years, for defective one, we will replace a total new cap lamp during warranty time

2) After sales service: will deal with your complaint at first time, give you solution within 5 working days

3) Free samples: free samples will be provided when our new models come out

4) Market support: we can support you to do advertisment in local magazine and provide samples with

big discount for exhibition

R & D

1) We have built a team of 6qulified engineers to get all the certificates in the world

2) Every year we invest 10% annual turnover in our R&D

Our competitors

1) We are No.1 in China


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