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Hot Dipped High Security Fence Green And Top Quality 358 Security Fence Description:
358 high security fence also known asPRISON MESH ", this production offers the best value for performance, durability and appearance. 358comes from its measurements 3" x 0.5" x 8 gauge which equates to approx. 76.2mm x 12.7mm x 4mm in metric. It is a professional structure designed for high security environments, combined with an steel framework, coated with heavily zinc or RAL color Powder coating.

Product Details:

358 Wire Fence is composed with quadrate post and high strength welded wire fence;

358 Wire Fence has a strong erosion resistance and anti-ultraviolet;

358 Wire Fence connected by screw flat bar, the installation is very easy and convenient.

- - - -
Mesh Size | Wire Diameter | Width | Height | Post Height | Post Type | Fitting |
1/2*3 (12.7*76.2mm) | 3.0mm 3.5mm 4.0mm | 2000mm 2200mm 2500mm | 1000mm | 1400mm | Model No.XLFP-04 | Flat plate |
1200mm | 1600mm |
1500mm | 2000mm |
1800mm | 2300mm |
2000mm | 2500mm |
2200mm | 2800mm |
2400mm | 3000mm |
3000mm | 3800mm |
- - - -

High Anti-Corrosion:

Using high quality iron rod as raw material, the welded panel, after galvanization, powders primer, and powders top coating, it can resist the corrosive and ultraviolet radiation very strongly.

- - - -
Surface Treatment | Min. | Max. |
Electric Gal. | 20/m2 | 60/m2 |
Hot dipped Gal. | 35g/m2 | 700g/m2 |
Powders Sprayed coating | 100 microns | 120 microns |
- - - -

Design Advantage:

The design of anti-cutting has a strong body, can reduce the destroy and anti-climbing.

Choice of colors:

Every RAL colour desired can be delivered, for example the colours corresponding to your corporate design.
- Common colors
- Dark Green RAL6005
- Pure White RAL9010
- Stone Grey RAL7030
- Jet Black RAL9005
- Anthracite Grey RAL7016
- Other RAL colors are available


Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening

Psychiatric hospital security fencing

Prison security fencing

Factory machine guards

Walkway security fencing

Airport security fencing

Shipping Port Security fencing

Electrical sub-station fencing

Gas pipelines security fence

High security living area and private field fence.


It has rubber mat at the bottom of the pallet to avoid the pallet destroyed the panels;
It has 4 metal corners to keep the pallet more strong;
It has metal plate under the plastic bandage to reduce the apressure of fence panels;
It has wooden plate at the top of fence panel which can protect the fence panels avoid being crushed by other pallets.

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