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14001200 MM Inlet Jaw Plate Crusher , Hydraulic Adjusting Mining Crusher Equipment Introduction ERUN Mining crushing Jaw plate Crusher hydraulic adjusting machines are designed to exceed the primary crushing needs of customers in the mining, quarrying and recycling industries. These machines are amongst the most advanced and reliable in the market and are highly productive in a variety of applications ProductFeatures 1.Deep crushing cavity and energy efficiency. 2. Strong bearing capacity and stability. 3. Advanced technology and long service life. 4. Simple maintenance with the centralized lubrication system. 5. Simple structure and maintenance. 6. Wide range of the discharging adjustment and multi-purpose. 7. Little noise and dust. 8. Easy replacement of wear and spare parts 9. "V" type of crushing chamber, effective opening size is equal to the nominal opening size (common jaw crusher adopts the traditional asymmetric crushing chamber structure, and effective opening size is smaller than nominal opening size)and the throughput capacity will be increased by15-20% compared with the normal crushing chamber. Technical Parameters - - - - Model | Inlet Size(mm) | Discharge Gap(mm) | Capacity(t/h) | Power(kw) | ERJ3-1008 | 1020800 | 65-250 | 185-500 | 110 | ERJ3-1210 | 11601050 | 75-275 | 270-810 | 132 | ERJ3-1412 | 14001200 | 95-300 | 390-950 | 185 | ERJ3-1615 | 16101400 | 120-300 | 470-1150 | 220 | ERJ3-1815 | 18001500 | 125-325 | 630-1300 | 355 | - - - - Operations First, after the start, if the crusher makes unusual knock, you should stop the machine. After identifying and eliminating the ills, you can restart the machine. Second, the crusher must start without load. After the normal operation, you can open the mining equipment. The feeding ore should be increased gradually. Third, the feeding should be even. The ore is not allowed to pack with the crushing chamber. The maximum size of the feeding ore should not be more that 0.85 times greater of the width of the feeding mouth. Forth, in the operation of the crusher, when too much ore blocks the crushing cavity, do not stop the machine. You should stop feeding ore. You should regularly check the crushing cavity. Fifth, do not immediately stop the machine when the temperature of the bearing is too high. At this time, you should increase the amount of oil. Order processing and supports

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