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Electronic Toy And Entertainment Off Road Vehicle Model CNC Machining ABS Rapid Prototype


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Parameters | Name | CNC machined toy and entertainment model |
Material | ABS or others as required |
Dimension | 1000X600X400MM |
Machining process | CNC machining, vacuum casting |
Min tolerance | +/-0.05mm |
Surfacerequests | Surface to be smooth, no scratches, no polishing lines |
Scale | 1:1 |
Function | Structure testing; displaying; assembling |
Manufacturing | Lead time | 7 days |
Other services | Surface finishing | polishing, painting |
Design | We offer structure design, revserse design |
Drawing formats | *.stp / *.igs / *.prt / *.x_t / *.CATPart |
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1.Machining process: CNC machining, vacuum casting
CNC machine stroke: 800x500x350mm
Accuracy: +/-0.01mm

2. Materials: ABS

Other materials we can process: PA, POM, PE, PP, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel etc

Non-toxic and ROHS standard materials can be provided.

3. Surface finishing: polish

Other treatment we can process: matt, high gloss, silkscreen , sand blasting, uv curing, plating, powder coating, engraving, anodizing, satin, brushing etc.

4. Huayu Prototype has ability to offer: structure design and revising, reverse engineering services.

5. The prototype can be used for sample confirmation, sample exhibition oras final products.

6.Each component is strictly monitored by QC department.

7.Testing andassembly are available.

8. Structure design isprovided.

10. All informations would be kept confidentialy ,we can sign NDA with you


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Applied areas | Toys, entertainments, electronics |
Function | 1. Structure testing 2. Sample using 3. Displaying 4. For Sale |
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Competitive Advantages:

1. +15 years' machining experience
2. Competitve pricing
3. Fast, realiable delivery
4. Good communication and personalised care
5. One-off, small to medium, mass batch production
6. A varity of machining and finishing processes
7. Manufacturing expertise and design advise

Advantage of making prototype:

1 Testing appearance and structure without opening new mold

2 Reducing risk of opening new mold

3 Reducing cost than open new mold

4 Reducing lead time than open new mold


Paymeny terms: T/T 50% in advance, balance before delivery.
Please remember to leave the correct address for delivery.


Shipping method: airway by DHL,UPS,FEDEX or by sea.


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