450mm ABS Rubber Gaming Steering Wheel Prototyping Service 450 X 450

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1.Clients can modify the structure of prototype when processing.
2.The features of size stability, structure fastness, deformation difficulty can be showed by this processing method. 3.The production of customized prototype is completely meet the requirements of clients, including assembling and testing.
4. All parts of product are strictly controlled by quality department. 5.The assembly of product will be checked by engineer according to the drawings. 6.The mechanical strength of prototype can support related simulation test.
7. All materials are non-toxic and ROHS certification. 8.The prototype can be used for sample confirmation, sample exhibition or selling directly. 9.Completely understanding the requirements of clients about the quality of products after communication with clients.


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Application fields | Entertainment, Plastic parts |
Application scope | 1,Structure verification 2,Samples 3,Exhibitions |
Others | 1,Individualized modification 2,Individualized design |
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Competitive Advantage:
# # Flexibility: Clients can modify the structure of prototype when processing.
# High Quality: The products are high precision and strictly controlled by quality department.
# Professional: Our company possesses professional technical team, as well as advanced machine devices. We also can provide clients with beneficial advice and professional technical support.
# Convenience: Our company can offer one package service to clients as long as clients provide drawings and requirements to us.

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