250mm CNC Machined Plastic Rapid Prototype For Car Rearview Mirror 250 X 150

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250mm CNC Machined Plastic Rapid Prototype For Car Rearview Mirror 250 X 150


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Parameters | Name | Car rearview mirror prototype |
Material | ABS |
Dimension | 250mmX150mmx120mm |
Machining process | CNC CNC machining |
Min tolerance | +/-0.1mm |
Customer request | Surface to be smooth, 2k primer |
Deflection temp | +70 -30 |
Scale: | 1:1 |
Function | Structure testing; displaying; assembling |
| |
Manufacturing | Lead time | 2-3 work days |
Support services | Surface finishing | Support painting(any color), plating and other kind of surface treatments |
Machining | Accept small change of drawing before machining |
Logo | Offer logo printing(by silk screen) |
Structure | Structure can be modified before/during machining process |
Drawing formats | *.stp / *.igs / *.prt / *.x_t / *.CATPart |
| |
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1, Made through CNC(Computer numerical controlled) machining- high accuracy machining technology.

2, With high accuracy, fast machining speed, this method saves much time as well as costing during product developing process.

3, A wide range of materials can be selected in our local market to meet the design and testing needs of customers.

4, No matter what kind of structure is desired, we will help to make it successfully in a short time.

5, Almost all kinds of surface finishing processes are available; appearance can be whatever required.

6, Final prototype can be used for testing, displaying, or even for sale.

7. Support revising mechanical structure before/during machining process.

8, Made via this machining way, prototypes are steady, firm, and not easy to be distorted.

9, It has similar mechanical strength with injection mold, thus related structure and simulated tests can be done.

10, ROHS standard materials can be offered to make the prototype.

11, Assembly and testing services can be offered as per request.

12, Offer 100% entire quality control for all machining parts including every single component.


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Applied area | Automotive industry |
Function | 1. Structure testing 2. Sample using 3. Displaying 4. For Sale 5.Low-volume production |
Others | 1. Personalized modified 2. Individual designed |
| |
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Competitive Advantage:

1. Dont need to make mold, it can be produced directly as per the drawing, and so to reduce risk and cost in developing new products.

2. Manufacturing cycle is short; structure can be modified at any time as per requirements; high precision; quality can be controlled in the whole process.

3. Our team of professional engineers and technicians team will offer instructions, suggestions during corporation, thus to save developing time and cost.

4. With complete drawings and requirements, our team can help to carry out subsequent work for you.

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