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Noise barriers are also called sound barriers due to its great noise absorption property. Structure: Steel structure with aluminum panels, pc sheets and accessories. Sound barrier can be classified: Traffic noise barriers, Noise reduction equipment noise barriers, Industrial plant boundary noise barriers. Traffic noise barriers uses: Acoustic noise reduction, control the impact of traffic noise on nearby urban areas, it can also be used acoustic noise factories and other noise sources. A wide range of applications: highway, elevated complex roads, urban light rail subway and other transportation municipal facilities. Sound barrier according to material classification, can be divided into the following categories: Metal sound barrier (metal blinds, metal mesh hole) Concrete sound barrier (lightweight concrete, high strength concrete). PC sheet sound barrier, fiberglass sound barriers. According to different uses can be divided into several categories: Railway noise barrier, Highway sound barriers, City view sound barrier, Neighborhood noise reduction barriers. Installation and use of sound barrier, can greatly improve the visual and noise reduction. We offer:Highway Solid Soundproof Wall. Material: PC sheet, plastic panle, steel or aluminum Sheets thickness: 0.8-1mm, but we can also design for our customers' requirements. Panel dimensions: width - 500mm when, Length2000mm standard size, the panel can be longer, but no more than 4 meters. Upright noise walls. Angular type noise walls Large arc-type noise walls The top of the arc-type noise walls High strength cement sawdust fasting noise walls Highway Noise Proof Barrier Fence Perforated Metal Panels for Controling Sound of Constuction Sites and Projects Perforated panels acoustical panels enjoy easy and fast installation and removing. Convenient for building a noise control wall system. Can beused for noise control in a variety of acoustic environments highways, viaducts, power stations, hospitals, schools, construction sites and other industrial enterprises noise reduction products. PC Sheet Noise Barrier System PC Sheet Noise Barrier System PC sheet sound noise barrier system Material: PC sheet Panel Height:0.5m-1m Panel Length?2.0m?2.5m?3.0m?4.0m. Panel Thickness:80mm-100mm. Sheet Thickness:6mm-12mm,100mm Barrier size: length 3000mm/2750mm; width 600mm; thickness 150mm Panel thickness: 80mm, 100mm,120mm Flange plate: 250x250x10, 300x300x10, 350x350x10, 400x400x10mm etc. Panel type: shutter type, punching type. Specificaion of H Post:100*100*6*8mm 125*125*6.5*9mm 150*150*7*10mm etc. Aluminum Acoustical Panels. Material: aluminum sheet perforated Used for constructional acoustic ceiling panels, also for highway noise control. Sound Barrier Wall Acoustic Fencing Sound Barrier Wall Acoustic Fencing Sound walls fences Colors: clear, blue, green, opal, brown,bronze,etc. Wall Acoustic Fencing Technical Features: Impact strength: 850J/m ,the impact strength of solid PC sheets is 250 times that of glass, 20-30 times of PMMA sheet Light transmission: 80%-90% for different thickness of clear color UV resistance:with our 50μm thickness UV layer ,the sheet can filter 99% ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. Railway Road Acoustical Sound Barriers. Specification: Panel Width: 500m,800m,1000mm. Panel Length: 2000mm,2500mm,3000mm,4000mm. Panel Thickness: 80mm,100mm,120mm. Sheet thickness: 0.5-1.2mm. Panel type: Shutter or perforated. Note: customized request is available. Aluminum Sheet Noise Barrier High Noise Protection Fence Barrier High Noise Highway Security Fence Our Highway Noise Proof Barrier Fence have been exported to Europe, the U.S.A., the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and some other parts in the world. We offer metal mesh security fencing used together with noise barriers to form a complete system. Convenience to site installation.

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