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Brand Name: Anbar
Model Number: ZKC-3
Place of Origin: China
Type: food grade
Color: White or off-white powder
Material: Glucose
Certificate: ISO
Feature: white flow rate powder
Function: food thickener,stabilizer
Function: food texture improver
Function: Water-holding;Oil-holding

Product Detail

[Characteristic] Can be used as stabilizer, thickener and texture improver in the minced fillet , meat products , vegetarian food , and bakery , jelly etc [Product Application] Stabilizer ,thickener & texture improver 1. Applied in meat products Effective of adding Curdlan: Increase the rate of production ,reduce cost; Increase the soybean separation protein & starch usage ,reduce the cost Make ham etc delicate and surface more bright; Improve the tenderness & slice; Improve the water retention & oily; Improve the structure of product, make the product elastic; Reduce the water loss rate of cold storage, prolong shelf life. 2. Applied in Bionic vegetarian Curdlan can be applied in Bionic vegetarian, such as Vegetarian abalone, Vegetarian sea cucumber and so on. 3.Applied in Rice & Flour products Effective of adding Curdlan: Can reduce the loss in the process and the adhesive , improve the production . Can prevent the excessive cook or soften after cooking Can prevent the turbidity of the noodle soup Can improve the stretchability of the product 4.Applied in Minced Fillet . Effective of adding Curdlan: Alternative part of the minced fish products , reduce the cost Make the products surface bright ,make the products more beautiful Improve the smooth degree of the product Increase the refrigerated water holding capacity ,prevent the occurance of yellowing phenomenon in cryostorage . 5. Applied in Chiba beancurd. Effective of adding Curdlan: 1. Improve product freezing resistance, reducing the occurrence of frozen yellowing phenomenon; 2. Improve the toughness of the product, makes the product break; 3. Increase the product's resistance to cooking, make the product more resistance to fry, cook. 6.Applied in Beaf products 7.Applied in Minced fish. Packaging : 20kg/Drum or 10KG/aluminized bag or CTN Delivery Time : Within 7 working days after receipt of payment Payment terms : T/T Why choose us ? 1.The only & first manufacturer of Curdlan in China --ISO 9001 2.Over 16 years' experience 3.Sales to different Chinese Agents for exports for years 4.Halal ,Kosher ,ISO certificates 5.Carry our two national standards

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