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Work Principle? Occurrence place of waste air comes from working cover through exhaust fan to send into odour scrubber tower, air flows down to up direction in the tower and at the same tome water pump draws water into tower which forms water fog from up to down. Waste air and water fog mix in the tower through liquid fog spurt in order to make infusibility rubber granule, dusty to be down water, and then filter through filling lay which remove water of air and suspend granule, clear up stench harmful air, thereby clean air goes out after processing, so that get high efficiency goal. Function? Odour scrubber tower is specialized in designing for natural rubber drying part discharges waste air, after processing air becomes non-color air to be out, it is accord with country exhaust emission standard. Specification : ?Model? CC-1000, CC-1550, CC-2000 ?Processing Capacity?≤8000m³/h, ≤25000m³/h, ≤43000m³/h ?Dimension? Ø1000mm×9800mm, Ø1550mm×15100mm, Ø2000mm×16000mm Welcome to contact Silvia to know more about the machine. Hope we can build a long-term good relation of cooperation and help you to make more money. Silvia Lee Mobile / WhatsApp: +86-13531091062 Email: Zhanjiang Weida Machinery Industrial Co.?Ltd.

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