RoHS Compliant Silicone Foam Tube Sponge Strip Heat Resistant For Medical Equipm

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Name:silicone rubber tubing,silicone sponge tube,silicone sponge strip,silicone foam tube,silicone foam strip

Physical character: Extruded by special extruding machine with high quality silicone rubber under different inside diameter and outside diameter according to the buyer's request, high tensile strength, flexibility strong anti-pull and wider revise hardness range with good aging resistant, ozone resistant, heat resistant, insulation property, fuel oil resistance and lube resistance, working in the air, water or oil medium at the temperature of -60 C - +250 C, Apply to transfers water, air, oil and other medium etc.

Material: 100% virgin silicone rubber
Quality: Industrial grade, food grade, medical grade
Color: Transparent, translucent, dark red, black, milk white, blue, grey etc.
Surface: Smooth/smooth
Tensile strength: 8Mpa
Hardness: 40, 50, 60, 70+/-5shore A
Elongation: 380%
Density: 1.25g/cm3
Tear strength: 26N/mm
Working temperature: -60 C - +250 C
Standard size: 2mm x 4mm, 3mm x 5mm, 4mm x 6mm, 5mm x 8mm,
6mm x 9mm, 7mm x 10mm, 8mm x 12mm, 9mm x 12mm,
10mm x 14mm, 12mm x 16mm, etc.

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We lead the company to quality and rich experience in the silicone rubber manufacturing industry. Apply best practices and leading edge technology and strict internal control, rapid response with the customers. That enables our customers to order planning and we have the confidence, will the expectations of their time in the right quality standards;

2. We provide one-stop service, from the mold design - > 3 d drawings, sample - > tools - > initial quality control to make the customer to confirm the sample - > batch - > - > the second process - > silk printing (if required) - > the second packaging quality control - > - > delivery;

3.Our sales and marketing team and engineer team professional, friendly request timely response;Precision mold design and production of absolutely conforms to the mobile phone shell

4. The quality of the good reputation for our long-term relationship with customers;

5. The price is negotiable. We are constantly trying to find ways to minimize the cost of production cost savings for customers;

6. Our factory own CNC processing center, molding machine (from 200 tons to 300 tons), silk printing machine, etc.

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