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Electronics Tools Soldering Components Adjustable Temperature Setting Soldering Iron Station

Operating Principle:

YMK Constant Temperature Soldering Station through electronic display board to control the heater work, so as to achieve the temperature control. The inside temperature sensor of heater detect the temperature signals into electrical signals, to the inside of the electronic display board microcomputer chip (MCU), through the analysis of the microcomputer chip processing, the output control signal control thyristor output or close the heater working power supply, so as to achieve the practical work of soldering iron temperature control.

Thermostat Soldering Iron used is the core (thermocouple), stainless steel heating temperature is stable, power sensor temperature sensitivity, DHS temperature accuracy + / - 1 C, all the accessory are in low cost.

Constant Soldering Station Specialty:

Temperature range:200C- 480C.
Adjustable temperature control with lock/set screw.
High quality resistance heating element and senor to insures rapid heat-up and recovery temperature.
Temperature adjusted by simply turning the dial
Soldering Iron handle are insulated and easy operate.
Match 900M standard soldering tips .
Wide selection of tips available for soldering SMD and through-hole connections
Power input :220-240V
Power Output: 75W

Main Data:

- - - -
Power | 75W |
Output Voltage | AC27V |
Temperature Range | 200480 |
Max Surrounding Temperature | 42 |
Temperature Stability | 5 (no load) |
Shell Material | Aluminum Alloy |
Size | 110*105*165mm |
Net weight | 2.2KG |
- - - -

How to setting a new temperature:

Revolving the knob to your desired temperature, next, display screen is showed your setting temperature and stay in screen 3 seconds, and the new temperature setting is finish. Check again the temperature of soldering tip for sure it in new temperature. 350~420 is suggested in soldering temperature range.

How to calibrating the temperature of soldering Tip:

The soldering tip should be re-calibrated the temperature after changing the Tips or replacing the Heating Core and Soldering Iron. Please use Dedicated Iron Temperature Tester like 191/192 thermometer to adjust it, the procedure as below:
1) Set the temperature of Soldering Station to 350.
2) Use a straightedge (-) screwdriver or small plus (+) screwdriver to adjust the Trimmer Resistor which markedCAL keyhole in trimmer panel.
3) Turn the screw clockwise to increase the temperature and counterclockwise to reduce the temperature.
4) Keeping to adjust the trimmer resistor until the Station show the same temperature as the Temperature Testers temperature.
5) Use Temperature Tester check the soldering tip temperature again, it should be the right temperature , pls kindly note that +/-5 in Temperature Tester is in the standard tolerance.
Remark: this Calibrating must operated by specialized person.

YMK Soldering Station Service:

Good quality and reasonable price.
Technical assistance provided.
Professional service before and after sale
All mails could be replied within 24 hours.
Skype video assistance any problem.

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