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380kHz High Frequecy Smart Temperature Control Lead-free Digital Soldering Station 100W

Specification Content:

- - - -
Power | 100W |
Output voltage | AC36V,380KHZ |
Temperature range | 50~600 C (depending on the mode setting) |
Maximum ambient temperature | 42 C |
Temperature stability | 2 C (in still air, no load) |
Housing Material | Aluminum Alloy |
Size | 110*105*155mm |
Net weight | 2.5KG |
- - - -

Soldering Station Bright Spot :

Auto sleeping function.
Temperature locked by password to ensure soldering efficiency.
Low cost of replacing spare parts.
Separate design of soldering tips, sensor and heater.
Accurate temperature.
Rapid thermal recovery.
Digital temperature calibrating simple operate.
ESD safe design.

Electromagnetic Heating Core:

Much reliability and security than other kinds of soldering station, and the EI type transformer electrical efficiency is high above 95%,In full load operation temperature is only 40 C, suitable for the factories who need soldering for a long time.

Temperature Calibrating Between Soldering Station And Tip:

After you re-set a temperature and use the Temperature Tester to check the tip if the temperature match with soldering station temperature or not, if the temperature is not match, then you need to calibrate the tip temperature, the step as below:

Example: re-set temperature is 380C and tip temperature is 350 C.

Enter the tip temperature 350 C into soldering station and wait for soldering station self-correction, after several seconds, the soldering station is back to 380C, and then use the Temperature Tester to test the temperature at tip, it should be show 380C as well, +/- 5 C is allowed.

* Recommend using the 191/192 temperature tester.

Auto Sleep Mode Operation:

If you have been chose the working mode with auto sleep & auto shutdown , it will be show --- in display if soldering iron not use for over 20 minutes, by now the temperature of soldering tip will be down to 200 C if the setting working temperature greater or equal to 200 C or down to 50C if the setting working temperature below 200 C , station will keep this temperature until recover the soldering.

There are three ways to wake up sleeping:

1. Turn off the power switch and then turn on again.

2. Press any button in Station.

3. Pick up the soldering iron.

Please attention that it cant wake up If the Soldering station over 40 minutes in sleeping condition, soldering iron will cut off the power supply in automatically and no any showing in display.

Carton Parking:

- - - -
No. | Part Name | Quantity | Description |
1 | soldering station | 1set | aluminum case |
2 | soldering iron | 1pcs | high-frequency heating |
3 | iron frame | 1pcs | cast aluminum |
4 | cleaning sponge | 1pcs | high temperature |
5 | Manual (including warranty card) | 1pcs | 128coated paper |
6 | power cord | 1pcs | Fire insulation plastic |
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