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Children's premature crown, is a preformed, pre-teeth are very fit stainless steel metal crown, set in the deciduous teeth can protect the teeth and strengthen the strength of the teeth to restore the normal occlusion of teeth, etc., the effective protection of large defects Of the molars to the dentition period, so as to ensure the succession of permanent teeth erupted.The technology is mature, but for a variety of reasons, its clinical use in the country is not ideal. With the development of China's economy, the gradual perfection of the medical insurance system, the people's living standard and the improvement of oral health, PMC technology will be accepted by more and more people with its unique advantages, To the gospel of children's teeth treatment . Pure titanium crown restoration, with a stable chemical properties and excellent biocompatibility, not with any reaction to human tissue, without any side effects, will not cause inflammation of the gums, neck margin black, Dental metallic odor problems. Advantages and characteristics of children 's premature crown Advantages: a. Effective protection of teeth to strengthen the strength of the teeth;       b.To ensure the normal healthy teeth were replaced by permanent teeth       c. restore the shape of the deciduous teeth and chewing function       d. Conducive to the growth of children's jaws to prevent the fracture of the tooth tissue

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