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Home Aluminum PTC Water Heating Element , Liquid PTC Thermistor Heater Company Introduction: # 15 years experience on PTC/NTC thermistor field. # Competitive price # On time handle over # Competitive price # Inquiry answered in 24hrs # Good team waiting here to serve for you # RoHS &UL compatible # OEM & ODM business accepted # Main target market:Europe, North America, Asia. Applications: - - - - Application | Foot tub, home appliance industry of electric appliances | - - - - The PTC water heater can be widely applied to electric appliances,like Foot tub, home appliance,etc. Competitive Advantage: 1. Leak-proof, excellent insulating property 2. High power 3. Safety and reliability 4. OEM for your design 5. Stable performance Specifications: - - - - | Operatingvoltage | Insulationvoltage | Surfacetemperature | Ratedpower | Embeddedliquidheater | 6V-240V | >3750V | 100~290 | 20W~800W | Fluidliquidheater | 6V-240V | >3750V | 80~290 | 20W~2000W | - - - - Description: 1.submergedliquidheaterapplicationdesign Thisisasubmergedliquidheating(T-typePTCheater),theheaterprobeintotheliquidcontainerisheated,theliquidtoobtainaconstanttemperature.PTCelementusedastheheatsource,withfastheating,heatthermostat,self-adjustingpower,heatconversionrate,anti-scaleability,evenifnodamageandsodry.Itiswidelyusedinvarioustypesofelectricappliancesinthehomeapplianceindustry. Embeddedliquidheatertechnologyparameters: Operatingvoltage:6V-240V Insulationvoltage:>3750V,throughspecialinsulationtreatment,safeandreliable Surfacetemperature:100~290 Ratedpower:20W~800W 2.fluidliquidheaterapplicationdesign Thisisafluidliquidheater(alsocalledfoottubwithatubularheaterPTC),ourcompanyisforthefootbathproductlaunchanotherproduct,mainlyusedinhigh-endtothecycleofheatingfootbathproductsabove,withtheuseofeasyinstallation,longlife,easilydamagedandothertraditionalheatingmaterials(forexample:quartzglass)unmatchedfeatures.Furtherdimensionscanbecustomizedtocustomer'sactualinstallationsize,productqualityinaleadingpositioninthepeer. Fluidliquidheatertechnicalparameters: Operatingvoltage:6V-240V Insulationvoltage:>3750V,throughspecialinsulationtreatment,safeandreliable Surfacetemperature:80~290 Ratedpower:20W~2000W Home Appliance Element Aluminum PTC Water Heater Tubular Type Free Sample If any questions or ideas,just please feel free to contact us, since we hold the opinion that any questions or trouble can be absolutely settled. It is our hope, by joint effort, to promote both business and friendship to our mutual advantage. Hwalon Electronic Limited Tel: (86-755)29411610ext.8003 Fax: (86-755)61640998 Email: sales01@hwalon.com

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