Paper Box Laser Marking Machine Wooden Craft Leather Plastic Bottle Bamboo

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Paper Box Laser Marking Machine Wooden Craft Leather Plastic Bottle Bamboo

Technical Advantage

1Adopted USA imported RF metal laser device, high performance, long service life, the cavity can always be used.

2High accuracy and speed of engraving , the performance is extremely stable, support long time continuous work.

3Excellent laser power utilization rate, and can be applied to a variety of nonmetal products in engraving and cutting.

4Without consumables cost, clear marking, not easy to wear, high efficiency of engraving and cutting, environmental protection,energy saving.

5DXF ,PLT, BMP ,AI ,JPG and other documents supported in the software, and can form the serial number, production date, bar code and planar bar code automatically . Support online flying, rotating marking, and support XY platform with large area partitioning marking.

Machine Profile

LB-MC series CO2 laser engraving machine adopted with advanced CO2 RF laser device and high stale laser power, and equipped with high quality optical elements, automatic control system driver and high-speed scanning galvanometer system.

Standard Accessories (CO2 Laser Engraving Machine)

A set of USA SYNRAD Laser Source

A set of Galvo tech Scanner

A set of focus lens
A set of high-speed vibrating mirrors
A set of marking control system (Original version)
An industrial computer
A marking work table
A red laser pointer
A pedal switch
A set of marking software (EZCAD)

Technical Parameters

- - - -
Model | LB-MC10 | LB-MC30 | LB-MC60 |
Laser Power | 0~10w | 0~30w | 0~60w |
Laser wavelength | 10640nm | 10640nm | 10640nm |
Pulse frequency | 50kHZ | 50kHZ | 50kHZ |
Working area | 70X70mm,110110mm (optional) | 110X110mm,140140mm (optional) | 175X175mm,250250mm (optional) |
Marking speed | 7000mm/s | 7000mm/s | 7000mm/s |
minimum line width | 0.04mm | 0.05mm | 0.06mm |
Repeated precision | 0.003mm | 0.003mm | 0.003mm |
Cooling system | air-cooled | air-cooled | air-cooled |
Power supply | AC220V/50HZ | AC220V/50HZ | AC220V/50HZ |
power consumption | 0.5KW | 0.8KW | 2KW |
Dimension | 820mm620mm1360mm | 860mm620mm1360mm | 1200mm620mm1500mm |
- - - -

Accessories (Optional)

Application Field

A. Materials: wood products, paper, cloth, leather, organic glass, acrylic, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resin and other non metal materials.

B. Industry: craft gift,furniture, leather and cloth, advertising signs, model products, food packaging,electronic components, pharmaceutical packaging, printing plate, nameplate, case and so on.

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