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Electronic Components Fiber Laser Engraving Machine Circuit Board PBC Board Transformer

Brief introduction:

The machine is used in metal and nonmetal materials, stainless steeel, aluminum, high hardness alloy steel, ABS, etc.

Laser engraving machine technical parameters

- - - -
Model | 10/20/30/50W |
Laser device | Gernmany IPG fiber laser device, Lifetime >100,000 hours |
Optical maser wavelength | 1064nm |
Average output power | 10W / 20W / 30W |
Beam Radiation Angle | 2mrad |
Modulation frequency range | 20KHz~80KHz |
Beam Quality | M2:1.2-1.8 |
Working Environment | Clean and dust free or dust less |
Marking Depth | 0-1mm(depending on the materials) |
Maximum speed | 8000mm/s |
Resolution | 0.001mm |
Repeat location accuracy | 0.003mm |
Marking range | F=160mm,160160mm |
Working range | 182mm x (2mm) |
Working stability (8h) | <1%rms |
Minimum line width | 30um |
Minimum character height | 0.2mm |
Sheet label marking time | 90 s (depend on the content) |
Laser power supply | <500W / 220V / 50Hz, |
Cooling mode | Air cooled |
The Max input power | 2 phase 220V AC,50Hz,about 2.5A |
Environmental Requirement | 0~35C,humidity90% |
Graphic Format Supported | bmp,jpg,gif,tga,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc. |
Warranty | 2 year, within time free change parts |
Package | Wooden case |
Delivery time | 5 working days |
Packing size | 1000*1200*1600mm |
G.W | 20kg--60kgs |
Optioanl |
1. Germany Scanlab; 2. Rotary diameter 80mm 3. Z axis auto focus |
- - - -

Machine Features:

1. German IPG fiber laser ,servicetime 100,000 hours.

2. High speed galvo scanner German

3. Easy Operate without route maintenance

4. Higher precision,faster speed

5. Air cooling, Small size,low power consumption

6. Red light preview: show the marking position before lasering

7. Up and Down Lifter laser head(desktop) and up and down worktable

easy to marking engraving different workpiece

8. Rotary attachment optional

Engrave and mark inside and outside ring jewellery

9. High temperature resistance

perfect for marking medical equipment etc that requires sterilization

10. The durability & Finer Marking quality

optimizes it for use in jewelry, mobile phones, and other items of value.

11. Computer Installed with Free Powerful software10.

User friendly interface, easy operation set and deal different layers graphic in separate Support

PLT,PCX, AL, DXF, BMP,JPG formats file compatible AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop etc

software Automatic serialization, date coding letter, symbol, pattern, figure, image, bar code,

2D code auto arrangement and amendment

Germany IPG Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machine:
# Many type of metals: Gold,Silver,Stainless Steel,Copper,Aluminum,chrome Brass,etc
# Alloy and metal oxides: Anodized Aluminum
# Some non-metallic materials & Special surface treatment:silicon wafer,

ceramics,plastic,rubber,epoxy resin,ABS,Printing ink,Plating,Spraying,Coating film

Fiber Laser Marking Machine:
# Electrical Engineering and Electrical part and component
# Mobile (Cover,battery,keyboard, I Phone Case)
# Jewellery(Ring,pedeant,bracelet),eyeglass,clocks and craft
# Building materials,PVC pipe
# Car motor car spare part
# Insturment and meters and cutting tool
# plastic case
# aviation and aerospace,
# military product,
# hardware fitting and accessory
# sanitary appliance
# stationery
# food and beverage
# Medicine package and medical instrument
# solar Pv industry

Standard Accessories (Fiber Laser engraving Machine)
Germany IPG or China Raycus

Galvo tech Scanner

A semiconductor module
A set of high-speed vibrating mirrors
A set of marking control system

A set of laser marking sysytem
An industrial computer
A marking work table
A red laser pointer
A pedal switch
A set of marking software
A "Instruction Book", "Operation Manual" and "Training Video

Samples of laser engraving machine

Parts of laser engraving machine


# # a. Using the third generation of optical fiber solid laser, the electro-optical onversion ecfficiency of pump light source can reach to 80% after fiber coupling. Higher beam quality, long use time, laser life can reach 100000 hours(Lamp pump YAG is around hundreds of hours, semiconductor is around 10000 hours).
# b. Perfect beam quality achieved the highest and excellent marking effect. And it has great advantages of doing anti-white,matte,chromatic...on the stainless steel.
# c. Adopted imported high-speed scanning head, and combined with software makes engraving very fast, so the processing speed is 3 to 5 times quicker than the ordinary YAG and DP semiconductor.
# d. Air-cooling, no consumables, free maintenance, save power and energy(total power is 5
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