Automatic Airlaid Sanitary Napkin Making Machine Thermal Bonding / Latex Bonding

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Product Description Airlaid paper is a textile-like material categorized as a nonwoven fabricmade from fluff pulp.The airlaid paper making machine is produce the airlaid paper. There are different airlaid paper making lines for the production of basic materials for soft and absorbent disposable products for the following industries and applications: 1. For home care, like napkins. 2. Food packing applications 3. For hygiene and personal care applications, like diaper and sanitary napkins. 4. Medical applications 5. Industrial wipes Technical specifications - - - - Width | 1000-2400mm | Capacity | about 12ton/24hr | Weight | 45-600g/m2 | Production rate | 40-200m/min | Raw materail | baled fluff pulp, ES fibers, etc. | Heating method | electric heating, oil heating, natural gas heating | Technology type | Thermal bonding type | - - - - Technological process 1. Wood pulp Pre GrinderMain GrinderStorage tankBatching machine 2. Fiber Automatic feeding machine Direct feeding type Batching machine 1. and 2.Mix feeding Fan Forming part Excessive part Swelling part Compaction part Automatic winding and changing roll part Structural characteristics Automatic control of the whole machine, automatic feeding of raw materials, direct supply of quantitative, Reduce the static electricity generated by the long cycle; No blind spot low static crushing system grinding system, Can be completely grind all kinds of pulp board, does not destroy the pulp fiber length, automatic compaction, automatic winding, PLC a key to start, a key stop. Final product FAQ Q1: Im interested in your products, but now Im out of China; could you offer your machinesto my country? A1: Sure! Weve got full exportation experience, and no matter where you are, we may arrange the delivery for youby sea. Q2: What product is this machine making? And what's the application of the product? A2: This machine is making airlaid paper. Airlaid paper is the absorbent material. It is raw material of sanitary napkins and diapers. Airlaid paper is also used for food absorption, cleaning wipes, linen like napkins. Q3: what's the min. and max. product weight? A3: The min. weight of airlaid paper is 40gsm, the max. weight of airlaid paper is 600gsm Q4: what's the min. and max. product width? A4:The min. widthof airlaid paper is 1000mm, the max. widthof airlaid paper is 2500mm Q5: What is your manufacture lead time for our order? A5: Our normal lead time is 120-180days. If you have urgent request, please just let us know. We will try our best to shorten the lead time to meet your requirements. Q6: How can I release the payment to you? A6: We can receive your payment by Bank Account, Western union or others.
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